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Hell yeah it’s time - I feel like the light of real life is slowly seeping through the tight lil bubbles we were sitting in. Thank god, because I was starting to kind of lose hope – fear not, this is no longer my outlook on “real life”. “Real life” is coming back, and we’d better be prepared to live life to its fullest before we either A) dive headfirst into another pandemic or something crazy like that or B) start taking it for granted. 


Real life is hugging (like a lot of hugs!!!), restaurants with hot waiters, realllly foamy cappuccinos with some guy you promised a date to. Real life is spontaneous trips, the airport being your portal to a new dimension. 


Real life is catching someone’s eye across the hallway before class, and smoke breaks from the world. It’s workouts, but not alone – waiting for equipment at the gym (not from personal experience, just hoping some of you do work out). 


Real life is walking into a cute store and browsing but eventually getting quite distracted and spending a little too much. Real life is going to clubs, waking up next to strangers, debriefing with friends. Real life is borrels, trips, parties and events. Real life is rushing to lectures and cheap coffee with friends on campus (although as a first year, we have to just imagine how great that part of real life will be!!! Fantasise about rushing to lectures and the cheap coffee please!!! )


The message here is to turn your brains on and prepare for the greatest new phenomenon coming soon to spaces near you: REAL LIFE

real life.

By: Merel Clercx


With temperatures on the rise and life transitioning back into its phase of rebuilding and bloom, it can be said that Spring has finally returned. Thus like every year, we start to ask questions in relation to our life and all the life surrounding us. The most important of these questions naturally being how the Giant African Snail reproduces.

The Giant African Snail (also known by its Latin name Limus Currus translating to “slime chariot”) as its name might suggest is a mollusk species native to continental Africa, which has spread through much of the tropical and subtropical parts of the world. Its incredibly efficient and dynamic form of reproduction being an integral part of this development. With even its youngest fertile specimen producing around 100 eggs. Fully grown snails may even reach numbers as high as 1800, making the containment of this invasive species an almost impossible task. 

But what makes their courtship and mating habits so special?

Like most snails the Giant African Snail is a hermaphrodite and can therefore bear both female and male genitalia allowing for self-reproduction in some cases. Most terrestrial gastropods have their reproductive system in an external opening located in the lower part of the body near the head, called the genital pore. What makes the Giant African Snail so fascinating is its 2-millimeter deviation from the average pore size. Making it the biggest species of the so called “slime chariot” subspecies that is equipped with such a unique reproductive attribute. 

What is even more interesting than the snail’s anatomy is its courtship process consisting of a precise sequence of movements called the “mucus ballet”. The process normally taking between 8 to 12 hours with some recorded cases even taking multiple days. The slow pace of this delightful process having as a consequence that the participants are often exposed to predatory birds that descend upon them and bring this natural performance to an anti-climactic end. 

The almost complete lack of sight of the Giant African Snail also further complicates the process by making it an incredible challenge for the snails to even physically connect with their partner of choice. A single mistake could mean a slow separation of the two participants, who will only realize after multiple hours that they have been abandoned by their partner.

But in the unlikely event of successful copulation something so beautiful and captivating happens, that makes every Giant African Snail expert remember why they began studying these mystical creatures in the first place. The snails which are now in close proximity of each other will start shooting “love darts” at each other. These hardened structures are meant to transfer bodily fluids from one snail to the other. But often end up piercing the vital organs of one of the participants, through having the shape of massive darts. It needs to be said that only 20% of all Giant African Snails survive this step.

The snail then falls into a catatonic state while waiting for the eggs to hatch. Thereby giving a new generation of snails the privilege to indulge in one of natures most complex and charming dances.


The Shaman Rat That Changed the World

This is a text aimed to remind the audience on why Ratatouille (2007) is the best movie ever produced, if you don't agree then get ready to open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities, your life will never be the same after this; or else Remy will beat you up.


  1. It's legit a shaman rat that knows how to cook, what else do you want???

  2. The cheese and strawberry eating scene.

  3. It is the story of a passionate youngster, who has to go against all the odds and societal pressures to pursuit his dream - which is presented to him through the spiritual realm. He is unstoppable and will literally do anything to achieve what he proposed himself to do, including stealing and manipulating a young man in the most literal sense of the word, putting this man's career and whole life at risk. You can't stop Remy but he can and will stop whoever is on his way, using physical strength.

  4. It gave us access to the greatest music score ever created. 

  5. It gave room for great art like this to be produced.

  6. The movie is named after delicious FOOD (I feel like the list could have ended there to be honest).

  7. Let's be honest, the whole movie is based on what is probably a rat that found an acid tablet in the sewage and now is tripping ballzzzz.

By: Aaron Eller

By: Leticia Zanini


The mating habits of the Giant African Snail

Are ‘Apology Videos’ enough?

By: Pierina Fiestas

I hope I’m not the only one who has come across news about famous YouTubers and influencers being ‘exposed’ for past wrongdoings lately. From Tati Westbrook (that one was intense, really) to Tana Mongeau, these influencers have their (sometimes very oddly) dose of lapses, however, after these scandals, most of the times our beloved YouTubers upload videos as a very cute gesture :), videos that have been coined within popular culture as ‘Apology Videos’. Though I’m not completely in favour of ‘cancel culture’, I would like to discuss two very particular recent cases: those of beauty guru James Charles and vlogger David Dobrik. 

For those not aware of the deeds, James has been recently accused of sending and asking inappropriate photos to minors, as well as grooming and manipulating them. This is not the first time James Charles is called out for behaviours like this, especially of sexual misconduct. His apology, though very serious from my perspective, has a very interesting ratio of likes and dislikes (290K likes vs 284K dislikes), despite him appearing remorseful and willing to hold himself accountable. Since the video was released, James’ channel was demonetized by YouTube and he lost brand deals. The comments are not better either pointing to his “fake attitude” and making jokes about it. 


When it comes to David Dobrik, he was accused of not speaking out about sexual misconduct allegedly performed by one of his friends, even while recording videos for David’s YouTube channel. David, like James, switches his normal persona to a serious, sad and realised person trying to make amends with its audience. Nonetheless, the like ratio in this video includes much more likes than dislikes and he hasn’t lost important brand deals. But, why is that? 


Different reasons ranging from the past actions of the YouTuber, the characteristics of its fan base, the situation they are involved in and others, play a huge role and can be very hardly overcome by a video with those characteristics of James’ and David’s. After all, the Internet is a very volatile and toxic environment for some and in the case of James, the scandals he has been a protagonist in in the past certainly don’t help. David, on the other hand, comes from a more spontaneous, funny and ‘wholesome’ side of YouTube, with an almost non-existent history of scandals and a much more dedicated, loyal and understanding fanbase. 


I guess we’ll never know the perfect formula for an ‘Apology Video’ to work, however, we should expect to see more of those in the near future, a tool used by influencers in hopes to not lose their audiences, their trust and, most importantly, their brand. 

5 Feel-Good TV Shows on Netflix

Everybody knows the struggle of wanting to start a new show, but being overwhelmed by the range of options and just not knowing where to start. To balance out stressful and busy times, we got five Feel-Good TV Shows you can watch on Netflix. 

1. Grace and Frankie  

This show is about two elderly women who both get cheated on by their husbands, who turn out wanting to be in a relationship. The two women, who could not be any more different and don’t really enjoy each others company, move into their shared beach house, where they learn how to live with the other and eventually form a friendship. 

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about a chaotic, not so well functioning police station in New York. One of the detectives, Jake Peralta, always makes sure to get some more action and chaos into their work, which soon starts conflicts with their new captain, who wants to make their precinct a serious and safe place. This show has many individual and funny characters in it,  who assure that you will have fun watching it. 

3. Please Like Me 

This Australian TV Show is about Josh and his best friend who live together. It is an autobiographical work of Josh Thomas, who wrote, directed and co-produced the show. This show is not always fun and games and definitely has some serious elements in it, but it is easy to watch, will mostly give you a good, fun time but also makes you think.  

4. Crashing 

Crashing is about a group of young adults who live in an old hospital, to balance out high rents. This show portrays different individuals who struggle with everyday life situations,  making the show very relatable ;)  

5. Love 

This show is about two characters, who both seem a little different, Gus could be described as the stereotypical “weirdo” and Mickey as a mean girl, who doesn’t really care about others or what they think. When the two very different characters meet and start falling in love, things sometimes get chaotic and confusing. 

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Besides, there is also a very useful FAQ that you can check out! 

By: Shina Pieber



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