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If you ever want to get really effed up, whether it’s over Zoom or in person after this lockdown - we got you! Here are 3 drinking games that will (hopefully) get you through a night full of fun and alcohol.  

Flip Cup  

For this game you need at least six people (the more people, the more fun tho), a table and one cup for each person. You start off by dividing into two groups, whereas each group will stand on each side of the table, having an opponent from the other group in front of them. Everybody fills their cups up about 1/3 with beer or any other beverage. Then the first two opponents chink their cups and the game starts: both of them have to down their beverage, put their empty cup on the edge of the table and try to flip it with their fingers so that it lands upside down with the rim on the table. After successfully flipping the cup, the next person in the group  (standing next to them) can go: down their drink and flip the cup to land top down on the table. This continues until the last person has flipped their cup and their group wins. For more fun, intensity and adrenalin I would recommend cheering each other on.  

Bus Driver  

A classic card game. All you need is a stack of cards and some friends. On the table, you lay down a pyramid of cards face down, starting with 5 cards in the first row up until 1 in the fifth row. The rest of the cards (or however many you would like) will be split among the players. The game starts by flipping over one card of the first row, every player who has a card with the same number can put it on top and give out sips to any player of their liking - 2 sips for each card you put down in the first row, 4 sips in the second row, 6 sips in the third row, 8 in the fourth row and 10 for the top card (for a mild version you can choose to do 1-5 sips). After all the cards of the pyramid are flipped over the person with the most cards left in their hand becomes the (not so) lucky bus driver. Someone else shuffles the cards and puts another pyramid on the table the bus driver then has to pick one card after another from each row. If the card is 10 or above they lose and have to drink the number of the row (for example 3 sips, if they lose in the third row). The person that shuffled the cards will put new cards on each open card and the bus driver has to try their luck again until he or she makes it to the top.  

Rage Cage  

For this game, you need many many cups filled up about 1/3 with beer or any other beverage, a table, two ping pong balls and some friends. You put all the cups in the middle of the table with every player standing around it. Two players start by taking one of the cups, chugging the drink and trying to bounce the ping pong ball off the table into the empty cups. If they make it the first time they can give the empty cup to any player of their choice. If they manage to get the ball in after the first attempt they have to give the cup to the person next to them. If one player is still trying to get the ball into a cup and the person next to them finishes, they can stack the empty cup onto the player's cup resulting in the player who could not make it, having to chug one of the drinks from the middle. The two stacked cups are passed onto the next player and the game continues (to get harder). The game finishes when all the cups in the middle are empty and all the players drunk.  

Hopefully, we will be able to play these drinking games all together soon. Until then, have fun practising!


Dear reader, the Reporter Committee thinking of strategies to create new medium formats and trying to think of ways to differentiate the newsletter, has decided to produce a podcast! Three of our writers have reunited during one sunny, bright afternoon to watch Love, Death, and Robots while getting wellll under the influence. After getting the consciousness straight at where it was supposed to be, the crew watched several episodes of the show, discussing four topics; 1. Confusion (did you understand it/anything?); 2. The aesthetics (each episode is different); 3. Favourite part of the episode/most interesting; 4. Comments on the theme. In the end, we also discussed our overall thoughts on the show and our favourite episode. Enjoy!!!

****If you ran into problems with the audio follow the stars, they will guide you.****



by Pierina Fiestas

by Merel Clerckx

by Shina Pieber

by Leticia Zanini


Picture this you sit in your room blankly staring at the wall thinking about how nothing you do matters, everyone you know, and love will forget you one day and pizza. After ordering Uber Eats and depleting your (parents’) already low funds you feel better. But only for a brief moment until you remember you should have spent your money on something more useful, like drugs. 

Now being well-fed you have even more energy to think about everything you are currently lacking in your miserable life. As you sit on your kitchen table shirt full of marinara sauce and the reminiscence of what used to be called an “entire pizza” 3 minutes ago, you think “Is there anything I can do to feel better?”

Well, my friend, do not worry because I have the answer!

Probably not bud, that sounds like one hell of a mess you´re in. 

Now let me tell ya about some games!

The first game I will be reviewing is one that I have very fond memories of. I learned it very early in my childhood and can happily say that it was my dad himself who taught it to me. I myself am still competing in my very first game and am very proud to say that it has been going for the last 17 years. Of course, I am talking about Hide and Seek.

The game itself is quite simple, one person fulfills the role of the seeker and must look for all the other people involved in the game (who have had a head start to hide). My father, whose face I can only vaguely remember and whom I only know through stories, turns out to be a professional of the game. Explaining why I am still having such a hard time finding him. He is also apparently very adamant about playing the game properly since he has not accepted me trying to give up continuously. This game is fun for the whole family as long as you don’t play like my dad.

Pls come back I really miss you dad/10

The second game I will be reviewing is Pin the tail of the Donkey. I first played this game at a birthday party of a close friend (now long forgotten friend) when I was 11 years old. It was the single greatest experience of my young life. First plunged into darkness, my eyes only covered by the thin vale of a questionably stained kitchen rug, I was given the instrument with which I would conduct this symphony of fun and merriment. Like a young Luke Skywalker I then, only reliant on my God-given intuition, had to seek out the destination which I would bestow with the tail. I was scared at first since I did not want to disappoint the crowd around me and bring shame to me and what was left of my family. But then a voice in me guided me towards the much-coveted donkey behind. Then when I felt like the time had come, I shot my hand forward with all the vigor I had and waited. After what felt like an eternity but must have only been a brief moment, I heard the crowd erupt into cheers and chants of my name. I had done it!


But something had changed, for the days after my glorious victory I could think of nothing but pinning tails. Every thought I had, everything I dreamt off was to relive that glorious ecstasy that I achieved that fateful day. I bought my own game set and started playing day and night, but it was not enough. I was not sleeping, not eating and after a few months of this I was even expelled from my school for pinning another student. But I could not stop myself. I had to pin all donkeys and rid the earth of all taillessness. I hatched a plan; I would create an Uberdonkey, one that would put all the others to shame with the sheer number of tails it would bear. I quickly made my way to a nearby farm and under the cover of the night stole one of their donkeys. But just before I could start my magnum opus my room was raided by police. Alas I had forgotten a small detail that compromised my entire plan, I was an 11-year-old child and my parents had noticed the fully grown donkey and “Human-Centipede” style equipment I had bought on our shared Amazon account. After spending the rest of my youth in a special facility I now have a job for deranged people just like me. Yes, you heard right I have sunken to the lowest point any man or woman can ever sink to, I have tenure as a monetarist economics professor (and yes, I do strongly believe in trickle-down-economics). 

What is deficit-spending/10 

The last game I will be reviewing is Uno because who doesn’t like Uno!


Well, we have truly learned a lot today, haven’t we? I mean not from this specific article, but I am sure you have done something else of value. If you have any suggestions of what you want me to review next please keep them to yourself, I am not your monkey!

by Aaron Eller

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This year’s Women’s Day was not really a good one for me, and I think that also goes for others. Though I must say that it was not about what happened that day, but what happened after: the dissonance between a day that should be commemorated and the actual situation that women go through during their daily lives. 


A few days after Women’s Day, I woke up to several Instagram stories and posts talking about a woman who had been missing in the United Kingdom. I, for some reason, had been away from my TV for some days and after also noticing the same rage from Instagram on Twitter, I felt this sour feeling after being a witness of the different testimonies that several women I did not personally know, with a lot of courage, decided to put on social media for strangers and people they know to see. Others who could not partake of that action for different reasons made their voices and opinions heard reposting others’ testimonies or posts related to the subject to their feeds. However, the one I saw the most and that also made my heart crumble a bit more was this post made by @lucymountain on Instagram, just six words, but six words that millions could feel identified with: “Text me when you get home xx”. 


The impact of Sarah Everard’s disappearance and death has sparked a very intense conversation online. With hashtags like #NotAllMen also being brought to life and statistics being released to bring light to the severity of the problem and also how this issue has not disappeared even with Corona, those post-Women’s Day days were the setting of a battlefield where also women spoke out on the experiences they had been keeping silent about.


Social media has also, among lots of things, allowed lots of survivors and women in general to have their voices heard, contribute to the conversation, make noise and talk about topics that we very hardly talk about among our peers and we should be grateful for the possibilities but should also be aware that moments like this also bring disagreement from others. This is good however, as other sides can be uncovered that we were probably largely unaware, so we can get to see the real face of society. 


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****Due to the deeply altered state of consciousness the crew was operating on (that you can probably hear in our short little taste of a podcast), we accidentally forgot to turn on the mic while recording the whole podcast! So we ended up having one hour and forty minutes of pure silence to work with :))))) But don't be sorry my dear reader friend, that only means that the next one will be infinitely better, as we (probably) will produce a podcast with audio!!! Also, CLEARLY, I (Leticia) did not think right where I should put "that" that I was talking about in the "podcast".****


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