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Since 1997, Off-Screen has been the Study Association for Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. It is now one of the most active student communities in the city! 

The association is run by the Board, which consists of six members. Each Board member is responsible for a committee. Together, they are in charge of organizing social activities, educational events, and study trips. For only €25, you can join Off-Screen!


As a member of the association, you get to participate in all the events and trips throughout the year! Check out the calendar to get an idea of the activities we have planned. 

Additionally, members get discounts at a variety of places we have partnered with. From books and tickets to drinks and pizza!

Take a look at last year's Board video to see Off-Screen in action! 

Board video

Board 2022/2023 

Francisco Andrada, Marlein Boender, Kennee Sikkes,

Shanaya Chawla, Lucia Pascua & Eunice Chung

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