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Meet Off-Screen's partners!

As a member, you get to enjoy discounts on food, drinks, and several cultural activities.

You can show proof of membership by showing the confirmation email received at the start of the year.



Domino's Pizza is the largest pizza takeaway and delivery company in the world. Their expertise and passion for creating and delivering hot fresh pizzas have earned them numerous awards, and the loyalty of millions of pizza lovers around the world!

Off-Screeners get a 10% discount on 1 pizza, a 20% discount on 2 pizzas, and a 30% discount on 3 or more pizzas.

Slim Dutch backg blue.png


Are you an international student looking to learn Dutch? SLIM DUTCH is the answer to learning Dutch in a fun, serious, and interactive way. They offer both beginner courses (no skills needed) or intermediate classes (basic Dutch grammar required), taught by a qualified trainer and Amsterdam native. Free beer is provided.

Off-Screeners get a 15% discount on the beginner or intermediate course upon showing proof of membership.


Athenaeum Boekhandel is one of the oldest bookstores in the Netherlands with multiple stores throughout the city! Their flagship store is located in the heart of Amsterdam, and features a wide array of indie magazines, classics, and young-adult books. 

Off-Screeners get a 10% discount upon showing proof of membership. 



Chatime is the world's no. 1 bubble tea chain based in Zhubei Taiwan and operating 2500+ outlets in 50+ countries. Their Amsterdam location has a unique interior where you see how they freshly brew and shake a wide selection of delicious bobas! Enjoy authentic Taiwanese bubble tea in the heart of Amsterdam.

Off-Screeners get a 15% discount on bubble tea upon showing proof of membership. 


Sandwich Shop Amsterdam​ is just a two-minute walk from the Oudemanhuispoort campus and our beloved Hok. They have a wide selection of beverages and sandwiches. Their tosti's are always recommended. 

Off-Screeners get a 10% discount upon showing proof of membership. 



CJP is a platform for culture lovers. They appreciate culture in all forms and want to inspire others to do the same. For over 50 years, they have provided discounts at (film) festivals, concerts, theaters, and museums.

Off-Screeners are able to purchase a yearly pass at a discounted rate by using the link below.


It’s a special night, it’s time to impress, it’s time to suit up! Rent your black-tie tuxedo TODAY. Send a message on WhatsApp or call for an appointment and fit your perfect fit with a shirt, pocket square, cufflinks, black tie, suspenders, and optional glossy shoes.

Off-Screeners get a €7.50 discount upon showing proof of membership. 



Filmhuis Cavia is a cult cinema with a mere 40 seats. Cavia is run exclusively by volunteers and is the smallest cinema in Amsterdam. Their programming features classics, documentaries, and experimental movies. As they don’t take reservations it’s first come first serve.

Off-Screeners can purchase a movie ticket for €4.00 upon showing proof of membership.


Griffioen is a theater and cultural center located in Amstelveen and works in close collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. They don’t just host a large range of movie screenings and shows but also offer introductory courses like yoga, dancing, and acting!

Off-Screeners get a FREE drink upon showing proof of membership. 



Tea Guys is an artisan boba store, with unique drinks and fair trade ingredients. It is located in the best neighborhood of Amsterdam! Always close, yet worth biking for. 

Off-Screeners get a 10% discount on delicious drinks upon showing proof of membership. 


De Kleine Komedie is the oldest theater in Amsterdam. It is a place for small-scale art, cabaret, and theater performances. Visit one of their many performances at the Amstel!

Off-Screeners get a 50% discount upon showing proof of membership (discount only counts when purchasing a ticket a week in advance).



The Ketelhuis has existed since 1999 and is the place for Dutch film, European arthouse, documentaries and family films. They have a large variety of films and also serve delicious lunches and dinners. The perfect place for a dinner and a movie.

Off-Screeners only pay €6.00 per ticket upon showing proof of membership.


IELTS is an essential qualification for studying abroad and is recognized by governments, educational institutions, and international corporations worldwide. This certificate provides access to a global network of educational specialists and professionals in your field. 

Off-Screeners get a €10.00 discount on an IELTS preparation course and €15.00 off when booking an exam. Proof of membership is required.



Robo-bar is the first futuristic restaurant in The Netherlands, featuring two outstanding robots named Tony. It is a marvel of food and drinks, where innovation is at the heart of the restaurant. They even serve delicious sushi! Go now! 

Off-Screeners get a 15% discount on drinks upon showing proof of membership. 


The Torture Museum provides a vivid image of Amsterdam's painful past. The international exhibition “Punishments and Verdicts in the Middle Ages” includes over 40 instruments of punishment from different parts of Europe, from the inquisition chair to the guillotine. They are illustrated with engravings and described with historical background information in eight languages. Besides, the museum offers (guided) tours for groups. 

Off-Screeners get an ADDITIONAL 20% off on top of their student discount upon showing proof of membership.

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