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Athens Antics

"It takes a lifetime to truly discover Greece but only an instant to fall in love with her."

Henry Miller (1891-1980, American writer)


The second edition of Vienna Ventures is finally here. This time, we present Athens Antics! Nearly two months ago, Off-Screen took ship on its annual Study Trip and spent a sun-filled week in the capital of Greece, Athens. Not only did we instantly fall in love with the city, but we are now completely captivated by her charms and can't stop thinking about her!

And as for the marks Off-Screen left behind...well...we are here to share all the details.

Wednesday — 03/04

The City Tour

Our first day in Athens! The excitement was through the roof as everyone was getting ready to tackle this long-awaited adventure together! First thing on our list? The City Tour! 

The group was divided into four groups and each group had to complete challenges to win a cool prize at the end of the day.


These three were definitely in it for the fun! Were they playing some kind of figure game? Were they dancing? Perhaps they were portraying the goddesses that once ruled over Athens? While these are all random guesses... one thing's for sure: these girls were determined to win the City Tour that was organized by the lovely Study Travel Committee. Little did the girls know that they were about to win the entire competition!

One of our funniest activities was the acrobatic alphabet! We had to spell out 'Athens' with the help of everyone in the group. What a challenge!

After a very long and very fun day of some healthy rivalry, the winning team ('C**ty B**ches') was the first to arrive at the final destination while patiently waiting for the other teams to finish. 

The atmosphere was one of excitement and tranquility as they reflected on their journey and enjoyed the serene environment in Athens' National Garden and the sweet feeling of victory.

Thursday — 04/04

Aegina Island

During our unforgettable visit to the island of Aegina, Off-Screeners had the chance to embrace their inner ✨island girl✨ and embark on an adventure. We were surrounded by ancient ruins and artifacts as we explored the beautiful Archaeological Site of Kolona. We could not help feeling like archaeologists ourselves while delving into the remnants of an ancient Greek civilization, albeit with slightly redder noses and sunburned shoulders. With a light breeze of the surrounding sea and warm rays of sunshine, this journey deepened our appreciation for the rich history and cultural heritage of Greece,

It's impossible not to romanticize your life while walking past these ancient pieces of art. I wonder what Deva could possibly have been thinking of...? If these statues could tell stories, what would be the juiciest drama they witnessed?


As custom with every trip, the Promotion Committee made a wonderful video looking back on all the fun we had.


Check it out on Off-Screen's Instagram page

Video by Sean Vis and Deva van Aanhold

Friday — 05/04

Greek Film Archive Foundation & Pub Quiz

One of the exciting activities we had the pleasure of experiencing was viewing one of the oldest (documented) and restored Greek silent films at the Greek Film Archive Foundation called 'The Apaches of Athens (1930)'. The film gave us a glimpse into what life in Athens looked like in the 1930s. 

Immersed by the captivating beauty of old cinema, we were transported back to a bygone era of flickering images of Athens' past. We then had the pleasure of engaging in a thought-provoking Q&A session with the team behind the restoration; exploring the film's cultural significance and enduring impact. It was a unique opportunity to learn more about the root of Greek cinema as well as reflect on the evolution of storytelling through film. 

Back at the hostel, we traded our fun stories of the day for a night of friendly competition at our very own Pub Quiz. With questions ranging from music trivia and Greek cinema and classics to quirky facts about the country, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement, laughter, and of course, eagerness to win.

Saturday — 06/04

On our fifth day in Athens, STC had planned a surprise activity for the group... the National Theater of Athens. 

Right before the long-awaited surprise event (which turned out to be a lovely evening at the National Theater), Off-Screeners tried their hardest to take a group photo... Despite being an oddly hard thing to achieve, we managed to snap this gorgeous photo of the group, with each participant rocking their amazing looks for the night!

Our anticipation soared as we approached the theater for the screening of Generation Lost. The play's haunting narrative and gripping performances left us all mesmerized and slightly unnerved; igniting passionate conversations among us. It was a theatrical experience that left a personal mark on each of us, deepening our understanding and appreciation for storytelling and its power to evoke emotions.

Athens Antics

The second part of the Off-Screen Chronicles.


Written by the Study Travel Committee (2023/24)

Yelyzaveta Danilkovych

Gabriela Dimitrova

Poppy Gleeson

Małgorzata Kossowska

Jualia Meister

Mariana Sava

Juanita White-Bannenberg

Photos by the Reporter Committee.

Sunday — 07/04


Take a deep breath and close your eyes! Now... imagine walking through the most picturesque streets of an old Greek town with stunning views of the bluest sea every which way you look. Well, that's exactly what Off-Screen did during our day-trip to Nafplio!

Located in the Eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece, Nafplio lent itself to the perfect getaway outside the bustling streets of Athens. Off-Screeners could be seen either working up a sweat, climbing the Palimidi fortress, or enjoying some drinks by the water (most likely the latter). 

Now... who are these four goddesses below? None other than Athena, Aphrodite, Hestia, and Memphis reaching for their Hera. Among their friends, they are also known as the Study Travel Committee which does their magic in organizing almost all Off-Screen adventures for its devoted members.

When they are not busy saving this world and eating Greek feta and olives, they certainly find some time to have a laugh, hug, and be creative together. Who knows what they were laughing about in front of Nafplio's National Gallery?

Embarking on an adventure through the ancient streets of Athens, the students found themselves immersed in a journey through time. From the majestic Acropolis standing proud against the sky to the bustling markets full of vibrant life, every corner of this historic city whispered tales of its rich past. Led by enthusiastic guides, they delved into the secrets of the Parthenon, tracing the footsteps of ancient philosophers and savoring the flavors of authentic Greek cuisine. Along the labyrinth alleys of Plaka, laughter echoed as friendships blossomed, fueled by shared experiences and unforgettable moments. 

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the city, they bid farewell to Athens; their heatrs filled with memories that would last a lifetime.

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