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Vienna Ventures

Echoing Billy Joel’s wisdom — “When will you realize, Vienna waits for you?” — Off-Screeners embarked on this year’s City Trip to the city of dreams.


From Filmmuseum magic to Pub Golf shenanigans, each day unfolded unique tales. Join us as we relive Off-Screen’s unforgettable Vienna venture, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and whimsical discoveries!

Thursday — 02/11

Yay, it's our first day in Vienna!


After an excruciating 14 hours on the train, we quickly checked into our hostel, and without wasting any time, all Off-Screeners headed to the Parliament Building where we started our big adventure with Off-Screen’s customary City Tour (Vienna Edition)!


First stop: the beautiful Austrian Parliament Building. Did you know this building has 365 rooms, symbolizing each day of the year? No wonder its size and grandeur leave such a lasting impression. 


Divided into three groups, we began the hunt for points. By completing 43 crazy challenges, we had a proper chance to get to know each other, taste Austrian snacks, talk to strangers, and explore Vienna’s famous spots. While having fun within our groups, we embraced the fierce competition with others fully aware that, by day’s end, only one triumphant winner would emerge!

Tasked with conquering ten diverse locations scattered across the city, the excitement was palpable. Each spot presented crazy challenges that fueled our collective enthusiasm to outdo one another. The anticipation of a surprise at the tour's end heightened the stakes. 

Challange 24 (100 points)

Can you spot Aida in this picture?

Caught in a whimsical evening at Vienna's Hofburg, our girl Lydia added a dash of charm. Amid our City Tour challenges, cheekily stuck out her tongue at a peculiar equestrian monument. The sculpture, a fusion of feminine grace and equine prowess, showcased a woman attached to a horse, complete with boobs and armor — Vienna's nod to their love for both horses and avant-garde art. Blame not Lydia; the statue does have its goddess-like charm and equine whimsy. In Vienna, the city effortlessly blends history, humor, and a touch of cheekiness.

Made a seriously impactful and energetically charged stop during the City Tour at St. Stephen's Cathedral. Surrounded by the mesmerizing stained glass windows, we faced the delightful challenge of picking the one we thought was the absolute stunner and snapped a pic with it. Even in the bustling crowd, St. Stephen's Cathedral worked its magic with the ambient light from the church candles and the array of ancient paintings. This cathedral, a survivor of Vienna's major historical events, stood tall and proud, leaving an indelible mark on our imagination. An ultimate must-see when in Vienna!

The first day ended with a surprise stop at the Comedy Pub! After a long night on the train and an active day in the city, Off-Screeners had the chance to rest, while eating snacks and sipping on some drinks. We ended the night with hearty laughter and excitement for the days to come!


As custom with every trip, the Promotion Committee made a wonderful video looking back on all the fun we had.


Check it out on Off-Screen's Instagram page

Video by Deva van Aanhold and Sean Vis

Friday — 03/11

Day 2 started with an amazing time at the Filmuseum in Vienna! This place flips the script on your usual museum – no active exhibitions, just a whole room dedicated to watching movies. The designers pulled out all the stops to make it an immersive experience. Picture this: no popcorn holders, sneaky speakers, walls that bounce sound waves, and a sleek all-black interior. 


But wait, it gets even cooler! We got a mind-blowing lecture from one of the museum wizards about the art of working with analog film. Then followed by diving deep into the cinematic tools that have rocked the screens in the past and still make movie magic today!

No trip is complete without a short visit to a museum exhibition! In the heart of Vienna, near many important cultural treasures, many Off-Screeners decided to dedicate some of their free time to exploring various exhibitions and galleries. The vibrant interactive hues, the conversations sparked by the interesting installations, and the interpretations about the artifacts that we, as media students, can't help but linger on.

A night to remember!

Luciana, Sophie and Oishee‘s Pub Golf Adventure!

Love is all around with

Off-Screen and our beautiful members!

Embarking on one of the many spectacular events during our Vienna trip; Luciana, Sophie, and Oishee are surely taking the Pub Golf experience like champs, expressing their shared love for fun and each other of course! The night surely was full of laughter shared smiles and a healthy dose of competition between the different teams. Everyone was eager to be crowned as the winner of the night. And of course, no Pub Golf adventure is complete without the tasting of various local drinks. We tried a plethora of Viennese and Austrian drinks, carefully picked out by our lovely STC. Cheers echoed, sips were shared, and the rhythmic click of glasses filled the night air, setting the stage for Off-Screeners to dive into their next exciting adventure.

Saturday — 04/11

On our third day in Vienna we went to a very cool museum called the Kunsthalle Wien. Before entering the exhibition some participants had the chance to take a cute photo booth picture with their newly accumulated friend! A nice way to remember our time in Vienna.

Our gang hit the No Feeling Is Final: The Skopje Solidarity Collection exhibition, where we see Nada, the epitome of chic, who found her throne on a gigantic inflatable pillow. If our hangovers had been a smidge worse, you'd have witnessed a slumber party extraordinaire — we sprawled across that plush paradise….without our shoes on of course! The backdrop, a mesmerizing black and white design, stretched from the pillow to the wall, creating a visually captivating and cohesive scene. Amidst the culture and chaos, our girl, looking drop-dead gorgeous, managed to conquer the inflatable kingdom with her charm, all while avoiding any accidental foot casualties. Vienna, where even our hangovers had a touch of hilarity!

After a day of exploring Vienna, we ended up outside this fun-filled bar: Travel Shak. We had a blast while taking turns on the pool table, singing along to Karaoke tunes and trying out different shots and cocktails…maybe just a bit too many. It was the perfect way to unwind after a long day of being tourists. This photo captures the genuine joy and fun we had that night – a mix of exploration, good drinks, and letting loose. It's a snapshot of the best kind of memories made with friends in a new city.


Vienna Ventures

The first part of the Off-Screen Chronicles.


Written by the Study Travel Committee (2023/24)

Yelyzaveta Danilkovych

Gabriela Dimitrova

Poppy Gleeson

Małgorzata Kossowska

Jualia Meister

Mariana Sava

Juanita White-Bannenberg

Photos by Sophie Harmsen

Sunday — 05/11

Time flies when you are having fun with Off-Screen! Alas, all good things must come to an end.

Off-Screeners made the most of their final free day by soaking in Vienna’s dreamy and sunny vibes. Some of us decided to wander through Schönbrunn Palace’s stunning gardens where statues and wildly impressive baroque buildings whisked our members back in time. Caught up in the mesmerizing blend of grandeur and calm within Vienna's historic palace grounds, One can’t blame Sean for snapping away, documenting the last hours of his stay in this beautiful city. Because let’s Be Real, if you didn’t post it on Instagram were you even really there?

In life, the true magic lies not in the destination, but in the companions who share the journey. This group brought that wisdom to vibrant life during four incredible days in Vienna. Bid farewell to the memories we crafted? A touch more challenging. Another Off-Screen escapade in the books!


Where could Off-Screen be OFF to next...?

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