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Off-Screen is not just a place where you can join the best parties, trips, and media-related events, but it is also a great environment to give an outing to your talents and learn new skills, by joining one of the six committees.

As a committee member, you are responsible for organizing great events, getting the best deals, and creating the most attractive content. You can showcase your involvement on your CV, which is a great addition! Besides, you are invited to the Committee Members Activities throughout the year, as a thank you for your hard work!

The committees of previous years can be found here!

Reporter Committee 2018/2019

Reporter Committee 2018/2019


The Reporter Committee is mainly responsible for creating and curating content that excites and connects Off-Screeners. This content is inspired by film, television, literature, and much more. The committee is also primarily responsible for the creation of the yearbook and photography at events. Off-Screen's Reporter Committee is a space for creatives and allows members to use their artistic skills in a variety of ways.


Promotion Committee 2016/2017


The Promotion Committee makes all promotional material for Off-Screen throughout the year. Think posters, promo videos, and after-movies. You can live out your creativity and come up with amazing and fun ideas to promote Off-Screen's events! If you want to see what content the Promotion Committee has created so far, check out our archive!


Acquisition Committee 2019/2020


The Acquisition Committee is in charge of Off-Screen's professional image to members, organizations, and businesses. The committee works on trying to find valuable discount partners and exciting new sponsors. They also work on the official merchandise, in collaboration with the Promotion Committee. Besides, Acquisition organizes a couple of events such as the annual Charity Gala and several career workshops.


Media- and Educational Activities Committee 2017/2018

Media and academics

The Media and Academics Committee organizes media and educational events. Ranging from new media to cinema and TV, the committee tries to cover all aspects of media. MAC contacts companies, media professionals, and academics to organize movie screenings, guest talks, a trip to the Berlinale, and Off-Screen's very own Film Festival! 

SAC 18-19.jpg

Social activities

The Social Activities Committee organizes all kinds of events that focus on getting to know other students! Biweekly 'borrels', several parties, and a gala are all part of the fun. Everyone is welcome to join the activities!

Social Activities Committee 2018/2019

STC 18-19.jpeg

study travel

The Study Travel Committee is responsible for making all Off-Screen trips unforgettable! They organize five trips throughout the entire year, from an Introduction Weekend to a full-fledged Study Trip. Every trip has its unique character, and provides the perfect opportunity to travel together!

Study Travel Committee 2018/2019


The Lustrum Committee focuses on celebrating Off-Screen's lustrums. Every five years, the committee comes to life to oversee celebrations that explore the rich history of the association!

Off-Screen's next lustrum is happening in 2027, when it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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