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Are Off-Screeners Certified Lovers?


by Pierina Fiestas

It is finally that time of the year again, the month of love and queues to get last-minute flowers and gifts (we have that in May too for Mother’s day but you get the point). I must say that even though I don’t have a Valentine for this year (yet), I was curious to see who had the same sad fate as I do and, why not? To see what fellow Off-Screeners had to say about their love matters.


Let’s not say Off-Screeners are difficult lovers though, but each one of them has their preferences when it comes to first dates and gifts. If you thought Media students would love meeting through dating apps think again… I hope it doesn’t turn into a stereotype. Instead go for meeting offline because that is what a whooping 94% prefers to do!!

Now, if you have no ideas in mind for a first date, Off-Screeners have told us some!! What about strolls in the park or the beach and a picnic, especially now with Corona restrictions those work like a charm. And if Corona decides to finally give us a breath why not try going bowling, on road trips, thrift shopping or the arcade, and for those risk-takers and passionate travellers a last-minute travel with nothing planned beforehand! Inside or outdoors? While most prefer to be outside, and they have some really good ideas of places where to go though, let’s hope the Dutch weather (and Corona, yikes) helps with that in the end…


And if you don’t know what to bring to your date as a gift, Off-Screeners actually prefer flowers over chocolates, honestly I was not expecting that at all. By the way, look at all those people who found love at Off-Screen, I really envy you guys, send us your tips :) 


Even though Off-Screen has always been a very cool place to find love at parties, trips, and many other activities, many of us are still singletons and we blame Corona for that and now that most Off-Screeners don’t have a Valentine yet, with these tips you can shoot your shot easier and get yourself a lovely Off-Screener. Who knows? Perhaps the next time we ask how many of you found love in Off-Screen will be way higher ;) Oh and, I forgot to mention, one of you said the most remarkable thing you did on V-day was breaking up with your then bf, hope you are doing well, hun!


See the results of the polls below! And make sure to follow @offscreen.onscreen to not miss any future polls and content!

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Off-Screen Love
Off-Screen Activities
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Off-Screen Dating

Hangovers, tents, gin bars, main stages. Monday night, the 18th of January, it was time to relive the festival life we all miss so much, and try to get back into the tent we were locked out of in the morning. Instead of escaping, each team that participated in the online Escape Room Borrel had to find the ultimate code to get into the tent by navigating an entire festival ground (albeit online) with no memory of the night before. Cryptic clues and numerical codes led each team to the wifi password and backstage areas - although Lara checking in on us proved we were sometimes doing less well than we expected. Congratulations to the winning team - Diana, Capucine and Eva. Also @Lara next time please don’t choose the advanced option for the escape rooms - we’re Media students ;)

by Merel Clerckx

Escape Room Borrel


The winners!


Exploring the Y

by Leticia Zanini

What’s up y’all! It’s ya gal ~skinny p~ Leticia. As Media students, we all should know a little more about the early internet culture and its infinity of golden viral and cat videos (also, I am obsessed hahahbhah), so thinking about that and this month's newsletter theme, I decided to share some of these trolling relics. We shall start our journey with some good ol' college kids doing college kids shii, in this video, some 2006 college students, who happened to be masters of editing and creative skills, made a parody of how college kids get their alc illegally in the States, but instead of alc they used tuna, yeah ????? idk hhaahah check it out!

On our second stop, we are going deeper into the psychological effects the internet has brought to us, this one is a (very catchy) remix of an interview about an intruder who violated the interviewee's sister (I know :c) the content of the interview is strong but it really shows what YouTube was all about in the early years, it is deffo click worthy!

To lighten the mood, this is simply a vid of a guy overly excited to see a double rainbow in 2010 (which I happened to see last week and DAMN it do be this exciting *-*), simpler times..

Our next goodie is a series of failed takes of an RV commercial, where the Winnebago Man gets infuriated and his reactions are just hilarious XD, poor guys was fired after that hahaha oh to become the star of a viral video!

To end our journey, we will accompany Charlie The Unicorn Goes to Candy Mountain, do I need to say more? Just click click lick

Well, folks that was all for today, I hope you enjoyed every bit of these videos (and that you got rick rolled real nice and smooth heueheueheuebrbr) let us know through our insta @offscreen.onscreen which one was your favorite and share with us more viral videos (pls)!


by Merel Clerckx and Shina Pieber


Do all Off-Screeners think the same?! Merel and Shina had six Off-Screeners react to different statements to see how much they have in common. Check out the first of two episodes here.


Netflix Movie Suggestions

by Aaron Eller

It has finally happened, you managed to escape the never-ending vortex of YouTube videos that has kept you awake for the last three days. As you scroll through Tik-Tok, using it as a sort of methadone for your video content withdrawal, you make a decision.

Today you are going to be better. You are not going to waste an entire day aimlessly searching for entertainment on your phone. You are going to do what people do that have their life together, that know what they want and that get it. 

You are going to watch a movie!

“But Aaron”, I hear you cry out “I don’t know what to watch, if there was only a person with a superior taste in movies and a beautiful, luscious head of hair that could tell me what to do!”

Well worry no more because I am here to pretentiously give you my ill-formed and completely subjective opinion that will probably (certainly) not apply to your taste in movies. 

Part 1 Comedy: “A Futile and Stupid Gesture” *

Fondly enough the next movie I will talk about is on the topic of Media. Which is a very welcome coincidence, that I will disguise as something intentional since this is the newsletter of a Media Studies student-association. The movie (or “film” for the those of us who will depend on European subsidies later in their career) tells the story of the “National Lampoon”, a humor magazine that reached its height of popularity in the 70's. The movie chronicles all the craziness that transpired during the magazines hay-day. From LSD trips within the office building to more LSD trips within the office building this movie has it all. 

Funny beyond belief, with a cast almost exclusively made up of comedy heavyweights, an interesting and compelling story and an undeniable human component this is definitely a movie. 

Part 2 Thriller: “The Invisible Guest” *

When I first watched this movie, it was extremely confusing to watch. None of what the characters were saying made any sense. Then I realized it was not an artistic choice on behalf of the director but rather me not changing the audio from the Spanish original to the English dub. After having corrected my mistake the movie's plot still did not make any sense to me. Mainly because I was already one hour into it when noticing my mistake and refused to rewatch any of it. 

When the movie was over my Spanish friend with whom I watched it told me that it was really good though and that the twist at the end was fantastic. I am taking his word for it I hope you do too. 

Part 3 Documentary: “Sour Grapes” *

Originally, I wanted to dedicate this part to “American Anarchist” which is a vastly better documentary than this one. But I just found out that it is not on Netflix anymore. So, you´re going to be stuck with “Sour Grapes” which incidentally also what the movie is about. This is a movie for all those too scared of true crime and too sophisticated for “Pawn Stars”. This is the perfect movie for a drinking game since every character in the movie is already constantly shitfaced. 

Oh yeah, the movie is about the biggest counterfeit wine ring in recent history, should have made that clear earlier.

Cirrhosis /10


I hope these suggestions were of help to you, even though I would be amazed if they were. If you were looking for a show to watch then this must have been a massive waste of time. 

*All movies suggested in this article are not referenced in Chicago (author-date) style. Not out of negligence but out of protest.



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