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Headers by: Noa Jansen

Inspired by: Piet Parra

Camila's Hot News

By: Camila Salcedo


In this monthly section I share the hottest news of each week of the month. Every month I summarize and write about news items of the past month that are relevant to this day. As you all know the news of this month has again mainly about the Coronavirus, which is why I chose to bring you some different news highlights! This month I wrote about murdering hornets, Zayn and Gigi's baby, negative oil prices and UFO pictures! Do you want to know more? Click here!


Pre-order the Yearbook!

It's that time of the year again... the lovely tradition that is Off-Screen's yearbook is coming up! We as the Reporter Committee are very busy with putting this masterpiece together for you, Off-Screen's members. This year we will again be working with pre-orders. We will estimate a price and the definite price will be dependent on the number of pre-orders we receive. So, wait no longer and pre-order your yearbook via this link! 

Note: due to complications related to the Coronavirus we are not sure if there will be a physical yearbook. However, if this situation occurs we will make sure there is still an online version of the yearbook of '19/20! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the committee by sending an email


Coming up Off-Screen

By: Sophie Dijkman

In this monthly section you will be informed about what is coming up Off-Screen! Stay up to date on all of our fun media related events, parties and trips. From the themes to the sign-up dates, this update will give you all the information you need for the events. Did  anything in the calendar spark your attention? Check out here what is coming up Off-Screen even in times of quarantaine!

My Take on Murphy's Law

By: Alexia Radu

Somehow, through a series of crazy – more or less accidental – events that happened in March, I ended up moving from my apartment in Amsterdam to living in Liesborn, a German village whose population accounts to no more than 2000 people (mentioning here that most of them are seniors –  just to get across the message of how your regular “going out scene” is quite limited to say the least). Don’t get me wrong, with this pandemic going on it wouldn’t really make a difference anyways; but, by going out I’m not referring to clubs or bars, ...

Do you want to continue reading? Click here!


Noa's Confessional

By: Noa Jansen

Noa’s confessional: a place where you can spill the tea and tell all your sins.

In this sacrament, Noa can forgive sins in Off-Screen’s name. With all the crazy stuff happening within Off-Screen’s walls, it was about time for us to have a safe place to tell your most embarrassing, weird, unusual and striking stories for them to be heard by all of us. So from now on, when something special happens to you, you have something on your mind or there’s something else that you really want to share with the rest of Off-Screen, send an email to, tell me in person or reveal it to me in a dream.

I decided that, just like in a real confessional, everything should be and stay anonymous. And remember, this is a safe place where everyone can come to terms with his/her sins, where judgement is a word that doesn’t belong in our vocabulary, and where we can all enjoy your embarrassing stories.

Click here to read the confession of May!

Humans Off-Screen

By: Elisa Boulter & Jessie Swart

In Humans Off-Screen, we got to know a few lovely off-screeners, we learned new information about them, their likes and dislikes, what they do in their spare time, their future goals. We’re really grateful and appreciative that we were able to get to know some of you and we thought it was only fair for you to get to know us! We truly enjoyed this experience, thank you Off-Screen!


In our final month of Off-Screen Live, we sit down and get personal by playing the game “We’re Not Really Strangers”. 

What are you overthinking right now? 

J: I think right now, personally, I’m overthinking mainly my future. I hate thinking about the future but now going into my third year and planning it, I’m starting to think about “what about after my third year? Do I stay in Amsterdam? Do I go back home? Which home, Dubai, or South Africa?” It’s a weird feeling for me mainly cause I’m typically more of a ‘see how it goes’ person. 

Do you want to continue reading? Click here!


Thank you!

Unfortunately this academic year is coming to an end, and so are our monthly newsletters... With a lot of love the Reporter Committee of 2019/2020 has created seven newsletters for you, our devoted readers. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading our pieces and watching our visual content, and hope to have added something worthy to Off-Screen's archive. It's been a pleasure and we hope you will order our final masterpiece, the yearbook. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and hopefully see you soon! 

Lots of love, 

The Reporter Committee of 2019/2020

Alexia, Camila, Elisa, Jessie, Noa & Sophie

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