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Kat vs Culture


She was ready for the weed, she wasn't ready for the Normcore...

We all know the world is a mess, but where do we seek refuge from it? What is a home? What is an identity? Do we all just make up our own roots to compensate for how untethered we truly are? These are exactly the questions I attempt to distract you from. So lean back, read on, and don’t think about it too much.


The Yearbook 2018/2019

Once again the Reporter Committee will provide Off-Screen with a marvellous yearbook to celebrate this academic year. It is time for you guys to show us your support and pre-order the 2018/2019 version of the Off-Screen yearbook. It is our goal to create something unique that will mark this year as something special. The Reporters are ready to work their asses off for the next three months. The only thing we need know is that last bit of motivation.

Pre-order right here and now!

The Mauskovic Dance Band

On the 8th of March I went to Paradiso to dance to the music of The Mauskovic Dance Band. The band is known for their afro-caribbean disco, and who doesn’t like the sound of that. I’ve been to major concerts like Guns ‘N Roses and Eminem where waiting for a second soundcheck is not bad at all, but as a less known band I do think you gotta get your shit together a bit faster then The Mauskovic Band did, because you won’t get your time back at the end. The crowd had to wait a long time, but waiting in Paradiso is also not that bad. The band started playing and if you know (and you should!) the song Inspector Norse, I can give you a hint of what it sounded like: it was like that song, but then played under water using coral. Very nice, I maybe have to add. The songs had their best part at the very end, and that’s probably why they play at dance festivals: The Mauskovic Dance Band plays songs with very long intro’s and very quick climaxes. It made you want to hear more. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and so did we. Five very groovy guys create some happy tropical magic with their hands on the conga’s and timbales and ofcourse with their voices. A true recommendation!

The Berlinale with Isabelle

Anticipation for the Berlin trip had been growing inside of us since the beginning of the year, when our small MEAC group formed. She was our child. We raised her and groomed her to be the best she could be. And that she did. 

Written by Isabelle Riley

Off-Screen's Space Odyssey

3… 2… 1.... We have a lift off!

Poster made by: 

Timo Boer

Text written by: 

Faas wijn

Dear Off-Screeners, are you ready for liftoff? 
On the 3rd of April, Club Blue Ivy will be hosting Off-Screen’s third party! We’ll be traveling through space and time on our Space Odyssey, looking for alien life and booze from outer space. Feel weightless dancing to the music of DJ Dicornetto, Sensue & Sandor Dayala. These great DJ’s will provide you with amazing music for your extraterrestrial extravaganza! Make sure we don’t have to E.T. phone home to your friends to come and pick you up, as they are definitely invited as well!

Check out the event on Facebook:​

Valentines Borrel: First Dates

This Month On-Screen

Every month Bloem and Jonas dive deep into the media realm to present you the newest scoops from the month. 

Festivals and Exhibitions:

The Oscars have happened, but that doesn't mean that the film festival season is over. The MoviesThatMatter, the charity that we supported with the Charity Gala, is hosting their own festival. The Eye filmmuseum and the Imagine Filmfestival are also coming up, so keep an eye out!

What to Watch?:

This month is mainly focussed on superheroes and their superpowers. Captain Marvel, the Umbrella Academy and the Jetix classic Galactik Football are all in this theme. And last but not least The Mule by Clint Eastwood, who is a superhero in his own right.

The Forecast

On the 20th of March, the sun finally leaves Pisces and enters into Aries. This means that all wallowing and pity parties are officially cancelled. You have 5 days left to get your girls together, eat your feelings, and feel sorry for yourself because when that ram busts down the door of the cosmos you’re gonna need to be ready to ride a rocket straight into the pinball machine of life. The spring equinox brings forth a revival after the long winter, this is the real start of the year and of the rest of your life. Aries season is the time for action and bravery, it is the time for smashing guitars and expectations. Send all the strongly worded emails you need to send. Be your own French Revolution, sever your head to stop yourself from overthinking, follow the tingling in your fingertips instead, start building Rome and forget about the inevitable collapse. This year, Aries season starts and ends with two Libra full moons, which means that the changes during this time will become a tangible foundation for further endeavors. So accept responsibility not as burden but as challenge. This is your life goddammit, and those horns are primed for the grabbing. Leave the questions for the air signs, and the emotions for the water signs. It is time for the external frenzy that you both fear and love. Step into the fire. You got it. And if you don’t got it, you’ll get it.


Off-Screen Live Monthly Playlist #5

I always get kinda nervous when I am asked to describe my music taste. It is a mix of nostalgia, great classics, hip-hop and being tone deaf. I struggled a lot to make a fine selection that reflects my interests in just 20 songs. I tried pick songs that show the diversity and broadness of my music taste, but in a not too serious manner. In the end I think the playlist ended up as a fair representation of the way my brain works.


The first few songs that I added to the playlist have a nostalgic meaning to me for various reasons. It ranges from all time greats such as Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra to the well-known Dutch band Bløf. These three songs all had an impact on my life while growing up. Michael Jackson was one of the first artists I fell in love with, I understand that this is a risky remark to make these days. I firmly believe in separating the work from the behaviour of an artist. Michael Jackson will always be a genius artist.

I have tried to combine the mainstream with my own taste in a way that it makes sense. For example 21 Savage and Drake are in there, but not with there biggest songs. Why is 21 Savage in there twice you might ask, well I can explain. The voice of 21 Savage is one of my most calming voices in the industry.

I want to end with my favorite tune at the moment. The tune I am talking about is ZEZE by Kodak Black featuring Travis Scott and Offset. I don’t know what it is, but I think ZEZE is an absolute masterpiece. It isn’t just the song that is great, I would advise everyone to check out the video clip as well.

Check out the playlist on the Off-Screen Spotify

Jude's Judgement

A monthly section where you can ask all the questions life brings.

Jude gives advice to all people that feel they need it. From tough questions to simple love stories, Jude knows best. This month is slightly valentine themed. But as there is more to life than love, there are also questions regarding the tough life of students with an internship and the sadness of not being funny. You know, every month Jude is astounded by the questions you send in. He told me to put this in the text here.

Humans Off-Screen

Off-Screen proudly presents her own podcast: Humans Off-Screen. Check out the first three episodes on our spotify.

Food Review

De Biertuin

Every month the Reporter Committee will visit a new spot in the outskirts of Amsterdam to give you an honest review on all kinds of different foods.

De Biertuin (translates to the beergarden) is a very nice concept of loads of beer and typical but well made bar-food. It’s the type of food you crave after a few beers from their unique and delicious selections. They have an elaborate menu with options for meat lovers or vegetarians, like fish ‘n chips, three types of fries, (veggie)burgers, burritos with meat or tempeh and all types of fried snacks. They even have a side that's just mac ‘n cheese, how perfect! In the winters the place still honours its name, because inside there’s a real garden vibe. De Biertuin is located in the centre at the Prinsengracht but also in Oost at the Linnaeusstraat. Price range for a good meal with drinks is under 20€.

This place is a great balance between lots of different cuisines. I had a burrito and mac 'n cheese.

- Jonas van der Ziel

That first sweet potato fry nearly made this sweet potato cry (of joy).

- Kat Golubev

This place combined fish and chips. Revolutionary. Like Hannah Montana would say: best of both worlds.

- Sven Brandenburg

One of my favorite places in Amsterdam

- Lone Draijer

Smoking room was chill, but I have learnt that from a prior experience.

- Jude Voorvelt-Hart

Loved the plants and trees inside, they gave the place a nice atmosphere!

- Bloem van der Linde

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