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Interview: Bourgeois Absolutie

An in depth interview with the young filmmakers Jorrit Bouwmans and Jasper Koopmans about their first film.

On the first of February Jorrit Bouwmans and Jasper Koopmans, two media students and Off-Screen members, are starting the filming of their first film Bourgeois Absolutie. Bourgeois Absolutie will be a short 20 minutes film which will mainly focus on the topic of depression. The film will be a psychological drama thriller on the edge of a horror film, with the idea to try to recreate the mood of the depression.

I was really intrigued by the concept and the ambition to make a tricky project like this. I was contacted by the guys if I wanted to do an interview with them and I was directly excited to do the interview. Before the interview I did my research about the project and tried to setup a interview which would give a different insight on the project and its makers.


On the day of the 11th of January we met up to do an interview.

I decided to try to keep the interview as natural as possible, so I didn’t want to have a strict setup but a fluent conversation. The interview you will see here will be snapshots from the full talk that I had with Jorrit and Jasper.

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Kat vs Culture


She was ready for the weed, she wasn't ready for the Normcore...

Another month has gone by and I am slowly starting the see the other sides of this into the norm infected city. This month I found out what I am missing in Amsterdam, the suffering. I am still in a dubio about the directness of the Dutchies. I tried to decide for myself if I like it or not.

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Humans Off-Screen

Off-Screen proudly presents her own podcast: Humans Off-Screen.

Sven Brandenburg talks with members of your favorite study association Off-Screen. It’s a conversation with people he finds very interesting and really wants to know a little bit better. He puts them into the spotlight. In this episode: Jessie Swart. She is part of the promotion committee of Off-Screen, was born in South-Africa and grew up in Dubai. How is life in those two totally different places? What about her spontaneous actions? And why is she named Jessie?

Find out by clicking here. Enjoy it!

Festival Review

The Gardens of Babylon through the eyes of Lone.

If you read or listened the LoneBOX from the December newsletter, you might remember my love for festivals. There are a few criteria for my kind of festival: the scenery needs to be pretty, the crowd needs to be open minded and the music needs to make its listeners feel free. Of course festival season is not here yet, but on the 31st of December I went to a festival which was right up my ally: The Gardens Of Babylon at De Marktkantine. I’d been to the Dunes of Babylon before, a special edition at the lovely Woodstock, or as I like to call it: my second home. This was actually one of the best days of my life, so I dragged ten of friends with me to De Marktkantine and there the fairytale began once again.

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Off-Screen Live Monthly Playlist #3

I have a very passive approach to music. I don’t have enough patience to listen to full albums, I don’t keep up with releases. I just wait for songs to stick, and this is a very limited selection of songs that happened to play at the exact right time in the exact right time. For me songs are the glue that hold certain moments together. I actually have no reference point for what constitutes ‘good music’ or ‘bad music’ which has been problematic since most of my friends happen to be musicians. But I have come to accept that I like catchiness and I like to dance and I like to be able to scream-along to songs while riding shotgun on the highway.

I listened to 1998 TRUMAN on repeat when I first came to Amsterdam, somehow it made me feel safe. I walked around the Louvre with Pussy Money Weed blasting in my headphones and it made the ancient statues even more beautiful. My friend put on Mrs Lennon while we were watching the sunrise, after spending the whole night talking and smoking cigarettes in his kitchen. My sister and I shout IMNOTYOURBOYFRIENDBABY at the top of our lungs when no one else is home, this song is the reason our neighbors hate us. I walked through Coney Island eating cotton candy and listening to Take This Waltz. King Kunta brings me back from the dead each time I hear it. I could go on. I guess what I’m saying is that this playlist isn’t meant to demonstrate a certain taste in music, it’s just a little biography.

Jude's Judgement

A monthly section where you can ask all the questions life brings.

Jude gives advice to all people that feel they need it. From tough questions to simple love stories, Jude knows best. This month Kees van der Staaij asks for forgiveness. Will Jude give him this pleasure? 
Please, politicians and other people that have any influence in life, ask more questions. Love ya!

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Better Kept Secret: Gala Edition

This Month On-Screen

Every month Bloem and Jonas dive deep into the media realm to present you the most do's and must watch of the up and coming month. 

Festivals and Exhibitions:

The month of January brings back the IFFR, the Rotterdam Film Festival. The Eye hosts a Jan Svankmajer exhibitions.

What to Watch?:

In the beginniing of January a lot happened in the film and television realm. We will discuss the highly discussed Netflix originals Bird Box and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. We look at the past in 2 different ways. We talk about Glass, the climax to a series that is 20 years in the making. For nostalgia sake we take a look at Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Hollywood Gala

Straight from the red carpet of the Offscars with Kat

Food Review

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Every month the Reporter Committee will visit a new spot in the outskirts of Amsterdam to give you an honest review on all kinds of different foods.

The Vegan Junk Food Bar is exactly what it sounds like; a junk food bar meant for vegans. It is located at four different locations in Amsterdam, we went to the one on the Reguliersdwarsstraat 57. Not only the concept catches the eye, but the reallife execution does as well. It is a mix of bright colours, triggering word choses and new concepts.

Prices: between €12,-  & €20,-

Vibrant colours, loud music, but to be honest, some really nice food that felt like real junk food.

- Jonas van der Ziel

It was so good, that even a vegan kapsalon gave me a terrible feeling.

- Sven Brandenburg

As a meat and cheese compensation you mostly get loud music, but it was nice! Would recommend the Matcha Mule cocktail.

- Lone Draijer

I still owe a gay guy dressed as an unicorn a hug, so sorry for that.

- Jude Voorvelt-Hart

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