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Kat vs Culture


She was ready for the weed, she wasn't ready for the Normcore...

This month I attempt to fully live in the moment. Yeah, I know it sounds pretentious, it kinda is. I document a slew of new characters and momentary encounters. My favorite people are the ones I’ll probably never see again. So, follow me as I walk around the city like a dementor and capture the essence of others for my personal inspiration.


Humans Off-Screen

Off-Screen proudly presents her own podcast: Humans Off-Screen.

Sven Brandenburg talks with members of your favorite study association Off-Screen. It’s a conversation with people he finds very interesting and really wants to know a little bit better. He puts them into the spotlight. In this episode: Thomas Brok. He is a famous Dutch Youtuber from Brabant and has thousands of subscribers on his channels, but behind those funny videos is a whole business strategy. How does that work? Where do you begin? And is he going to tell the name of his new platform?

Check out the podcast on Spotify and Apple Music

Lately with Lone

Last October, I had to leave my house...

Last October, I had to leave my house at the Van Breestraat in Amsterdam, due to renovations. But I have returned to the palace on earth I can call my home again. I often call it a palace (paleisje) because it’s the opposite of what you would expect from a student home, considering it has two living rooms, two bathrooms and a garden. Before the home improvement I lived at the palace with just one roommate, but now we have a new one...

The Oscar Oracle

You do not have to watch the Oscars anymore...

It is that time of the year again. The months in which suddenly everybody considers themself a movie critic. During which everybody appears to have watched the same movies, that all turn out to be “must sees”, and they keep being recommended to you by many different people. “Because”, the argument goes “this movies has received eight Oscar nominations, you can’t miss it!”. Now it is my chance to give my opinion, so I will be the oracle you all need. As a second year film student I think I am as classified as I can be to spread my vision. I am going to make my predictions, so you don't have to think about it anymore. 

If you want to read the full article click here.

Jude's Judgement

A monthly section where you can ask all the questions life brings.

Jude gives advice to all people that feel they need it. From tough questions to simple love stories, Jude knows best. This month is slightly valentine themed. But as there is more to life than love, there are also questions regarding the tough life of students with an internship and the sadness of not being funny. You know, every month Jude is astounded by the questions you send in. He told me to put this in the text here.

This Month On-Screen

Every month Bloem and Jonas dive deep into the media realm to present you the newest scoops from the month. 

Festivals and Exhibitions:

The month of February brings us a lot of cinema for example the Roze Filmdagen and CinemAsia. For the artist among us I would advice everyone to go to the Moco Museum.

What to Watch?:

February is dominated by the oscars and it shows in the theaters. Greenbook, one of the nominees for best picture, is getting booked full constantly. We talk about Capernaum, the Netflix hit Sex Education and the Golden Oldie Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

Off-Screen's Charity Gala

“Small steps can lead to big changes”
Off-Screen’s Charity Gala is our night to make a change. On the 20th of February 2019, study association Off-Screen will hold a charity gala in the well-known VondelCS. On this special evening, members, students, faculty members and partners will come together to raise a big amount of money for the cause Movies that Matter. 

Movies that Matter has the goal to create a dialogue around Human Rights by supporting movie projects in Third World Countries and countries where freedom of speech doesn’t or barely exists. This is a goal which lays very close to Off-Screen’s heart and for this reason we hope to help to make this difference by creating a night to remember. 


Written by:

Georgie Bews

This evening with a purpose will guarantee you a very special night. With a screening of a Movies That Matter projectfilm, a special visit from guest speaker Mark Deuze and a one-off performance from the band Offbeat we are sure that you will have an amazing and entertaining night out. Even more, throughout this evening you can show your support for the matter and win incredible prizes during our lottery and art auction!

We hope to make a difference with you.
Join us and all your Off-Screen friends at VondelCS from 19:30 onwards on Wednesday the 20th of February.
Buy a ticket for a seat, first drink and snack here:


Off-Screen Live Monthly Playlist #4

Ask a radio DJ about his favorite song and he will slap you in the face. Immediately. Why? Because it’s impossible to select only one (!) song that is the best song of all time. Even picking twenty songs is very very very hard to do. So when it was my turn to choose my essentials, I didn’t know where to start. In the end, I just tried to describe the person Sven Brandenburg with this playlist. And that worked out pretty well.

While I was picking my last song for the SvenBox, I scrolled back to see what kind of songs came through my selecting process. And believe it or not, this whole non-chronological list includes basically every genre. From some indie bands (boy pablo, The Kooks), via a few singer-songwriters (Amy MacDonald, Neil Young, David Bowie), to typical rock bands (Oasis, Semisonic). It’s going everywhere.

Besides that, I really felt like I had to choose some Dutch songs. I love the way in which these songs are playing with the Dutch language. And they all do that in very different ways. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig sings about crying in the club, Drs. P tells us a story about a crowded ferry and Spinvis just placed three totally unlike words next to each other what created a beautiful song.

The only person that made it two times in my list is definitely my favorite artist nowadays. It’s je boy, Jett Rebel. He makes ‘real’ music, in my opinion. He does what he wants. Three albums in one year isn’t a big deal for him and his live performance is phenomenal. I chose two totally different types of songs, because he is a jack of all trades. Even like this list. From pillar to post.

Check out the playlist on the Off-Screen Spotify

Food Review

Café 't Gasthuys

Every month the Reporter Committee will visit a new spot in the outskirts of Amsterdam to give you an honest review on all kinds of different foods.

‘T Gasthuys is a quaint cafe-restaurant that has been located at grimburgwal 7 for over 35 whole years. During the summer ‘t Gasthuys has a big terrace where there is a lovely view of the canals. On the inside and from the inside it oozes a rustic-pub feeling. There are meat and vegetarian options on the menu. We tried their three course menu for €14,75.

Prices: 3 course menu for €14,75

Food was decent. Beer was better. Oh god, the lavacake was amazing.

- Jonas van der Ziel

If my grandmother could cook this is what it would taste like.

- Kat Golubev

“I really felt like a guest in this house.”

- Sven Brandenburg

Great beers. The service could have gone better, but ofcourse Koen wasn’t there.

- Lone Draijer

The food was average, the beer was average, the decoration was average. I don’t like this place.

- Jude Voorvelt-Hart

The waiter made a mistake with the vegetarian dishes we ordered. But we got free jenever shots to make up for it, which was a good compensation.

- Bloem van der Linde

Heads Up

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