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Kat vs Culture



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She was ready for the weed, she wasn't ready for the Normcore...

Easter time brings with it a sense of a fresh start, and no one is happier to welcome the change than I. This time the ideological cuisine on offer is eclectic. It’s a three-course meal: A specialty starter of sentimental soup followed by a medium-rare political center (perhaps too center) and, finally, a reflection on our current state of existence as a light dessert. Palate cleansers not included.


The Yearbook 2018/2019


Once again the Reporter Committee will provide Off-Screen with a marvellous yearbook to celebrate this academic year. The only chance to lay your hands on the yearbook 2018/2019 is by pre-ordering it, so don't hesitate and order it as soon as possible. It is our goal to create something unique that will mark this year as something special. The Reporters are ready to work their asses off for the next two months. The only thing we need now is that last bit of motivation.

Pre-order right here and now!

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Off-Screen Live Monthly Playlist #6

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You would not believe your eyes, but as you can see… we did it. Throwback Thursday gets a whole new definition with this playlist in front of you. Do you want to feel the windy breeze of your boattrip again? Are you down to taste the burning Chacha in your throat once more? Or do you just need a bit more karaoke in your life? Don’t hesitate and listen to this playlist full of memories. 

You would not believe your eyes, because literally every moment is in it. And with every moment goes a song. We sang while Eetu and Aksels wore those amazing outfits. We sang while the power went off in the club. We even sang the wrong lyrics over and over again. 

You would not believe your eyes, but this playlist is all you need. And remember. Remember our champion. Remember our dogs. Remember our Donnie van de Beek. But especially, remember our trip. Because we would not believe our eyes.

Check out the playlist on the Off-Screen Spotify

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Humans Off-Screen

Off-Screen proudly presents her own podcast: Humans Off-Screen.

In this episode: Laura Nelissen. Two years ago, she was the president of Off-Screen. After that she worked for Warner Brothers and is now working for a company called Strix TV. Did she like to work for such a big company? What did she do at Temptation Island? And does she have a favorite boardmember? Find out by clicking here. Enjoy it!

Check out the podcast on Spotify and Apple Music

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Tbilisi, Georgia 06-04-19/13-04-19

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This Month On-Screen

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Every month Bloem and Jonas dive deep into the media realm to present you the best scoops from the month. 

Festivals and Exhibitions:

The month we leave behind the festivals and move on to the art. There are exhibition from all over the spectrum. A visual exhibitions in the EYE, a photograph exhibition from Foam and last but not least, Van Gogh.

What to Watch?:

This month offers us a great diverse spectrum of things we need to watch. On the one hand the pinnacle of superhero movies in the form of Avengers: Endgame. On the other hand we have a lot of nature and it is brought to us by David Attenborough. To top it all of an large amount of animation.

Hey Jude

Hey Jude is back in video format. Get to know him even better.

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Education Demonstration 

Bloem, Jude and Kat went to the Education Demonstration on the 15th of March in The Hague. It turnt out a bit different than expected. 

Today is the day the pimple pops, the flower blooms and the reporters report. We get to visit the Hague and ask these moneylovers some real skadoodle. The truth will bare itself after only a few well-angled wonders of the brain. 
We arrived late and in a rush, partly caused by the liquor ingested yesternight, but mostly caused by inexperience. 
In the end the time of arrival is less important than the being of present. So we decided to not hang around and get to work. We tested the mic, we tested the camera and we tested the demonstrators. There isn’t much news to bring about these people. We knew both their views and their standpoints. A Frisian Stoic telling us truthfully he was the head of a school in the icey part of the north not known by us was the highlight of our day from a status lover's point of view in a status viewpoint. But the real highlight of the day was the adorable grandpa that covered himself in red. PvdA was the party he represented. The workers party of the Lowlands. 
Anyways, I came home, checked footage, the mic did not record, hit kittens, was fine again. Don’t know how much of this is a repo, or how much is a ramble. I hope it ends up decent. 

Yo, bye

^ An ambiance impression video ^

The Forecast

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On April 21st, we step off the Aries rocket into the warm fleece of Taurus season. Now I know what you’re thinking. Taurus season is bo-ring, but don’t be so quick to judge the bull by the horns. Taurus gets a bad reputation for its stubbornness and inflexibility but let me tell you, sweetie, there is no hedonism like Taurus hedonism. This sign’s corporal sensorium is always ready to receive pleasure, be it through one sense or all five. Be gone, panic-attack inducing Aries mania! It’s time to indulge in all the luxuries our lives have to offer. It is time to take your inner-child out for a stroll. Just buy them some ice-cream and tell them they’re a good kid, it won’t kill ya. Then, when ya put that rascal down for nap-time, treat yourself to anything your heart desires which won’t put you into debt, because you’re worth it.

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Also, just a little note, Uranus is in Taurus this year so you might have to deal with some revelations about yourself which will kick your ass into gear for the rest lunar year [pun intended and I am not ashamed]. But other than that, if it all goes according to Mother Moon, this will be the time of the most elaborate skincare routines and the coziest of naps; a time of gifts from the most thoughtful person to the most deserving (you&you); a time to give yourself over to absolute pleasure just like in Rocky Horror, so go invest in a nice corset and a heated blanket and start being selfish, baby.

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Better Kept Secret: Space Odyssey

UvA Update

As a study adviser, I regularly receive emails from students asking if they can schedule an appointment. However, it is much easier to book an appointment online as it shows you all the available time slots. It also saves a lot of e-mailing to-and-fro.

I also notice that the appointment hours are often fully booked, but that few people come to the open office hours. For urgent matters or for quick 10-minute questions you can drop in during office hours (Monday and Friday 10:30 to 11:30, room 1.05b)

Last but not least: it is increasingly common for students to postpone an appointment only one hour in advance or not to show up at all. As a result, the appointment hours quickly fill up. If you are unable to come, please send me an e-mail. Then I don’t wait in vain.


Heads Up

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06-14  Study Trip

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