Get ready for summer with this last newsletter of the year

01  Final Book Club Meeting

02  Bob Ross Paint Party

07  Borrel #21

09  Movie Night #4

11-12  Farewell Weekend

14  GMA #4.2

14  Borrel #22

22  Borrel #23

28  Yearbook Borrel

30  Final Party


If summer hasn’t started already, it’s right around the corner! In case you don’t have any plans or don’t know what to do yet here are some things you could try this summer to keep YOU active and your time worthwhile. 

1. Visit a New Place 

Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. We all know how fast it can go and we’ll all be locked up in our rooms again. So this summer you should take your chance and go to that place you’ve always wanted to visit! 

2. Spend Time Outside 

Instead of spending days at home being on your phone or watching Netflix try to go outside. Do stuff, meet people and take in some nature. If you’re in Amsterdam make a bike trip to the Amsterdam Bos, go to the beach or even take a train to a random place and just explore.

3. Do Something You Have Never Done Before 

It’s always a good thing to step out of your comfort zone. You can use this summer to try something you’ve never tried before and make that new experience. You will always be smarter in the end. This could literally be anything and ranges from talking to a stranger and making a new friend, trying new food and spending a week without your phone to spontaneously taking a plane to the next best place and skydiving.


4. Clean Out Your Closet 

It’s never a bad idea to let go of old things. Try cleaning out your closet. You can sell the stuff you don’t wear anymore, make money and I bet you will feel a lot better afterwards. Aaand you will have the money and space for new things. 

5. Appreciate the Possibilities

It’s been so long that we’re restricted in almost everything we do so I think this summer should be all about appreciating. I think after this year we’ve all started appreciating being able to even do anything at all. So this summer you should appreciate the weather, appreciate the parties you can go to, appreciate the place you will visit and appreciate the people around you.

5 things you should do this summer





A look into the Hok

You know what is something I’ve been waiting for for so long that I was about to go crazy about? For museums, normal shopping and restaurants to be completely open again. To be honest I didn’t really find the point of having museums closed but alas there we go, my dream came true and because I really care for your sanity (and our local economy) here are my hot takes on places that you can drop by to say hi, have a good platter or make your day a bit better, obviously good weather would be a great plus for this experience but not necessary ;)

I might say I’ve been to my fair share of museums, especially those I was able to get in FOR FREE back in 2019 when I was still a kid. Now that I have to pay (sadly, but necessary) I booked my tickets for FOAM (Keizersgracht 609), a museum dedicated to all things photography, as soon as I heard the news about museums opening (which happened last Saturday in case you are not aware). Some exhibitions going on now include “Laia Abril - On Rape: A History of Misogyny, Chapter Two” and work by the photographer Les Adus on the impact the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement had on him. A tip: students only pay €9,50! Make sure to book your time slot on time and, who knows, maybe you’ll also get to soak beneath the sun if it graciously appears the day you decide to go!

Now, I’m always on the search for pretty food to eat around town and now that we can go eating without appointments, with friends and without worrying about a very early closing time I think it is a great opportunity to go on the hunt again. Recently I went to this place that claims to have the best apple pie in Amsterdam and I think that is true! If you go there please don’t forget to ask for slagroom with your appeltaart, you won’t regret it. Do you know what place I’m talking about? Winkel 43 (Noordermarkt 43)! However, if you want to spend your day taking a bite from many options offered to you then a good option is the Foodhallen (located at Bellamyplein 51), another place that opened up on June 5th! Here you can find from Mexican to Mediterranean to Asian food as well as bars to get those social skills going (at least that’s my case :(), oh and don’t forget to get dessert! 

Oh and last thing, GYMS ARE OPEN! That one goes for me, but just a reminder for you too, go break a sweat, follow guidelines and take care!

Amsterdam is opening up! Don't miss out!





Off-Screen's Heart, Off-Screen's Home








How to have a safe summer

Summer has finally returned, bringing with it inviting weather, months of vacation and for most of us the will to live. It is time to shed your seasonal depression and return to the warm embrace of regular depression.

Sweaters turn into T-shirts (much to the dismay of those of us whose personality is 70% sweater based).

Pants turn into shorts ( for those confident enough in their legs).

Drinking yourself to near death with friends..... Well that one stays the same!

But with this newfound freedom also comes a plethora of forgotten dangers. Dangers big enough that they could cost you your life, or worse your summer!

This is why Off-Screen has composed a list of a few lifesavers that could turn any tragedy into a simple anecdote with concerning undertones and implications.

Tip #1:

What is the worst thing to happen when drinking with a lot of people? Exactly, being the most sober!

Off-Screen therefore advises you to choose one person at the start of the party and always drink at least twice as much as they do. Thereby ensuring full party maximisation.


Tip #2:

Etiquette is something that is getting more and more lost in our modern times. Most people these days aren't even able to properly distinguish a fish and a luncheon knife. So when a stranger in any club offers you a strange looking pill or powder, take it! Anything else would besmirch this kind soul's honor and expose you as an uncivilized brute.

Tip #3:

The bustle and hustle of the summer can oftentimes become too much for some of us. A healthy way of dealing with this is getting a new hobby. What hobby you ask us? Shoplifting! This pastime has enthusiasts all over the world and is easily accessible to beginners and stays challenging even for seasoned professionals.

Tip #4:

No matter how good your summer is, the news and current events might not be. This could have devastating effects on your mental health and possibly ruin your summer. This is why we propose to numb your brain into submission. Everything from running against walls to smoking so much you forget your name should do the trick. Don't forget ignorance is bliss!


And finally tip #5 the most important of all. Too many people are glued to their phones and unable to fully enjoy the sun. One of the biggest culprits of turning people into phone zombies is precisely this newsletter. With our millions of attentive readers we have contributed to this massive problem.


And there's only one solution! This is why @offscreen.onscreen will be permanently shut down.*


Have a safe summer!

* during summer that is


UvA update

Do you want to be able to concentrate better and experience less stress? Student association Student Meditation aims to increase mental well-being, resilience to stress and quality of life of students in Amsterdam by introducing them to down-to-earth meditation and its benefits. They aim to offer science-backed forms of meditation that are shown to benefit students in terms of happiness, concentration, stress levels and self-compassion.


Every day there are free guided meditations, besides they offer meditation courses and joint study sessions. Check out their website here: https://studentmeditation.nl.

Student or graduate and looking for a job? Studentflex helps students and graduates find a challenging part time or full time job. We offer jobs in different sectors such as tech, HR, finance and sales. Are you ready for a new challenge and available at least two days a week? Sign up on www.studentflex.nl or send an email to hildewillemsen@studentflex.nl.


A final goodbye

After eight newsletters, four videos and one podcast attempt it is time to say goodbye. Over the last 1,5 years, we had to say goodbye to a lot of things that we considered normal. From going to the club to hugging strangers, having class at the UvA and being able to go outside after 10PM. Although we are slowly welcoming some of these things back into our lives, our goodbye will be final. 

This will be the last time we will be able to share our writings with you, however, there is one last piece that we have worked hard on that has yet to come out: the yearbook. At the Yearbook Borrel on the 28th of June we will finally share this work with you. We hope to see all of you there for one last goodbye before summer!

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