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Articles December

My Take on Murphy's Law

By: Alexia Radu


If you thought this would one of those overly cheerful travelling pieces (which to be honest would be in line with the Christmas spirit), sorry to disappoint but I’m staying true to the title. From time to time I might indulge some positivity but generally, it’s mostly me giving a truthful account of ‘whatever could have gone wrong, did’. It’s really a matter of perspective here and the truth can never be solely positive or negative, but still, let me complain. 



Setting the scene for the following story is essential since, as I have previously mentioned, disappointment ensues when expectations are high. Not even gonna try to lie about this, like all girls my age, before travelling to Paris I allowed myself to daydream of its romantic, dazzling streets, of me wandering around aimlessly and carelessly and of everything just falling into place. Terrible custom of the human mind but we do obliviously believe first and then judge later. It does happen that all the commercial hype around Paris is motivated but let me just add a touch of cynicism to this image. No fake news so hear me out. Imagine this: 9 p.m, me tripping over my huge suitcase but proceeding to speed walk through the train-station (one of the biggest ones in Paris I must add), checking my phone every 10 seconds for updates and asking around for directions although that ended up being quite pointless. How did I get here? First one hour in Paris, I’m on the train heading towards the Gare du Nord to meet up with my friend coming by train from London and my phone rings: my aunt, who lives in Paris and is meeting us there is trying to mumble through her freak out that there is a potential terrorist attack going on and that they evacuated the train-station by screaming at them to run away. I immediately call my friend; of course she doesn’t have signal (were you expecting this to be easy? No). Eventually, I do reach her and now we’re supposed to meet at this other random train station on a line we have both never heard of. Second day in Paris: like all clueless tourists, me and my friend are waiting for the metro in plain daylight, in the centre of the city, when 3 guys brush through me running with a woman’s bag. Third day in Paris: changing 4 metros and carrying our luggage from one corner of the station to the other, we succeed in getting at the famous Gare du Nord. Issue here? Just 5 minutes after my friend’s train has departed. 

Regardless of some needed family drama and the shady metro experience, Paris was great (I did say that I’m being a bit positive this time). 



Now that I’m writing this, I’m actually realising that all these experiences do share a common theme: means of transport. In this narration of my trip to Brussels I’m not gonna try to absolve myself of the guilt so I’m just gonna go over it as it happened. After a day of eating way too much chocolate (I have 0 self-control when it comes to this) and a day of walking in the cold, I drive 3 hours back to Amsterdam. I’m close to home and all I can think of is my bed. My friends ask me though to drive them home and although they live in the centre of Amsterdam, me, being a great friend, say why not. 10 minutes later, one of them tells me they really have to pee and that if I don’t stop, they’re gonna do it in the backseat of my car. At this point, I’m freaking out because I don’t know where to stop and well, apparently, I start driving on the tram lines, then on the bike lane and end almost running over some pedestrians. Conclusion? I’m not the best driver under pressure. 


I was supposed to go to Madrid this weekend but my friend’s birthday was last weekend and not this one. So yeah, if anyone wants to buy a plane ticket (that by the way was very expensive and I’m not going to use) let me know!

Coming up: On Screen

By: Noa Jansen & Sophie Dijkman


Last Christmas

If there is one genre that does well during the holidays, it’s a romantic comedy. A movie with drama, jokes and romance: a feel good movie to watch with the entire family. Last Christmas is one of these - slightly cliche - movies, but with a good sense of putting things into perspective. The movie tells the story of the life of the unhappy Kate, who works a dead end job as an elf at a Christmas shop that sells ornaments all year round. One day while at work she meets Tom, and of course, this is not love at first sight. However, they happen to keep running into each other, almost as if London was a village. Accompanied by the music of George Michael (yes, you’ve read that in the title), this movie has a good balance of drama, humor, feel-good vibes and humanity to get through the December months.


What: Last Christmas

Who: Director Paul Feig, Actors Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding & Emma Thompson

Where: Filmhallen, Pathé


Let it Snow

In 2008 the book ‘Let it Snow’ was published, a bundle of stories about teens during the most magical time of the year, Christmas. The book was received with open arms and Netflix decided to make a movie about it. According to many critics, the cast and the decor of the movie are very fitting and corresponding with the book. The storylines are a bit different than in the book, but in my opinion they work really well as the switching between the different storylines make for a good amount of suspense. For movies it’s often hard to be better than the book it is based on, but this feelgood, drama and amusing movie does a good job. Check it out for yourself!


What: Let it Snow

Who: Director Luke Snellin, Actors Isabela Merced, Smakeik Moore, Kiernan Shipka

Where: Netflix


Frozen II

The success of the first Frozen movie seemed hard to beat with, however this sequel, Frozen II, seems to do it. The storylines are richer, dialogues are better and the animation even better than first movie in 2013. One thing that was in my opinion hard to beat, was the theme song ‘Let it go’. In my mind I couldn’t see how they would make a song that would become more of a hit than ‘Let it go’, however they did quite a good job on that aspect as well. ‘Into the Unknown’, the theme song of the sequel, might not be a hit song like the first one, but it still works. Even though the movie might be seen as a lesser version of the first one, just to keep the success going, it seems to be the case that it actually turned out well. 


What: Frozen II

Who: Directors Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee, Actors Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad

Where: A lot of cinemas such as Pathé, Ketelhuis, Kriterion, etc.



This movie feels like a classic Christmas movie from the first time you watch it. The hand-drawn way of animation resembles the way of animation from the past and gives you a familiar feeling. Next to that the story has all the ingredients for a Christmas classic. The story has a fitting Christmas message as well, as the two main characters handyman Klaus and student Jesper, bring love and joy to their village. As they do good deeds without interest, they hope to inspire others by doing so as well. This animation Christmas movie is truly a feelgood movie to watch on these gloomy winter days!


What: Klaus

Who: Directors Sergio Pablos & Carlos Martinez Lopez, Actors: Rachida Jones, Jason Schwartzman, Joan Cusack



Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

When Bridget Jones is in her 30’s, she realizes she hasn’t reached much in her life. She smokes too much, thinks she’s overweight and has been single her whole life. She decides to change her life and writes everything in her journal. Put on your ugliest Christmas sweater and drool away while watching Hugh Grant in his most arrogant but charming way. 


Director: Sharon Maguire

Actors: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant 

Love Actually (2003)

If this isn’t a Christmas classic I don’t know what movie is. This movie follows several Londoners during Christmastime. Watch all their (love) stories coming together and in the end, if you haven’t already, you will probably want to put your Christmas tree up and decorate your house with Christmas lights. 


Director: Richard Curtis

Actors: Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley

Home Alone (1990)

Eight years old Kevin accidentally gets left behind in his house, when his whole family goes on a holiday. When he realizes he’s home alone, soon he learns how to take care of himself. He has to protect himself from two burglars who are planning on breaking into his house. 

Can’t get enough of this movie? Luckily, there are in total five Home Alone movies, so gather your friends, crawl under your blankets and hold a Home Alone marathon together to prepare yourself for Christmas. 


Director: Chris Columbus

Actors: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern

Elf (2003)

Because he’s accidently taken by Santa Claus, Buddy is raised by elves on the North pole. When he’s older, he realizes he’s different then the other elves and finds out he is actually human instead of an elf. So, he decides to leave the North pole and visits his real father in New York. This movie is all about love and being good to one another, so if this movie doesn’t make you feel the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what does.


Director: Jon Favreau

Actors: Will Ferrell, James Caan, Bob Newhart

let it snow.jpg

Noa's Confessional

By: Noa Jansen

Noa’s confessional: a place where you can spill the tea and tell all your sins.

In this sacrament, Noa can forgive sins in Off-Screen’s name. With all the crazy stuff happening within Off-Screen’s walls, it was about time for us to have a safe place to tell your most embarrassing, weird, unusual and striking stories for them to be heard by all of us. So from now on, when something special happens to you, you have something on your mind or there’s something else that you really want to share with the rest of Off-Screen, send an email to, tell me in person or reveal it to me in a dream.

I decided that, just like in a real confessional, everything should be and stay anonymous. And remember, this is a safe place where everyone can come to terms with his/her sins, where judgement is a word that doesn’t belong in our vocabulary, and where we can all enjoy your embarrassing stories.

Confession #1

“So basically, I started dating this guy on Sunday and he wanted to pick me up the morning I was travelling, and he wanted to bring me to the airport. So he woke up at 4:00 AM to pick me up and we were gonna have breakfast together at the airport. We arrived there around 5:30 AM and my flight was at 7:00 AM. So we were having breakfast together and then I realized it was already 6:30 AM, and the gate closed at 6:30. So I had to run and I had to say goodbye to him and everything and I had to run through security where I had to take all my stuff out of my bag, like my laptop, iPad and my phone and everything, and I had to take my shoes off, and so I did. After that, I was running with my luggage in one hand, and in my other hand I was carrying my laptop, iPad and phone and all the stuff I had to take out of my bag at security as I didn’t have time to put it back. I was running and running and my gate was downstairs. I arrived there and there were like actual stairs, not those mechanical ones. So I was running down the stairs with my suitcase and everything, and then I fell from the top down. It was just like in the movies where everything goes in slow motion, and goes like, to shit. Well yeah, that was me. I literally fell from the entire stairs, but luckily my laptop survived. The lady from the gate looked at me and saw it happening, so I stood up and told her that was my flight. But the bitch told me she couldn’t let me in anymore and closed the gate, which left me no other choice than book another flight. 

Well anyways, when I got back I was having sex with the same guy that I missed my flight for and we were showering together, and suddenly he goes “What happened to your but? Like who did that to you?” and I was like “Dude, that was just me falling from the stairs because I missed my flight for you”.”


Confession #2

“One time I actually had sex with someone only so he would give me his cigarettes.” 


Confession #3

“One time I slept with a guy and the next day I found out he had scabies. So my whole house had to be cleaned and I had to tell my 14 roommates that I might have it as well. I had to rub my body with some kind of medical lotion and I couldn’t sleep with the guy for a week to be sure he wasn’t contagious anymore. But I couldn’t help myself and slept at his place again for a couple of times, so I ended up buying the lotion three times and had to clean my room over and over again. It actually was kinda worth it though.”

Camila's Hot News

By: Camila Salcedo


Kylie Jenner sold more than half of her empire

Kylie Jenner (22) is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner family. At 2015 she started a make-up company which she managed to further expand, creating a whole empire by not only selling cosmetics but products for skin care. She has become the youngest “self-made” billionaire in the world by creating the brand Kylie cosmetics and Kylie skin care. This month she has just announced that she is making a deal with the company Coty by selling 51% of her empire for $600 million dollars.

Picture: @kyliecosmetics

Koalas in danger

Deforestation and forest fires are damaging the ecosystem more and more every year. These past months mother earth has been attacked in various occasions, from the fire in the rain forest to now - the fire in Australia. This fire is harming everything on its way, especially the species of Australian koalas. Around 1,000 Koalas died, positioning them in the “functionally extinct” category. It is claimed by WWF Australia that these creatures will be fully extinct 50 years from now.

Picture: @bryant.andrew

Victoria's Secret Show CANCELLED 

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show started in 1996 and it was launched every year since. Last year was crucial for the brand since they had some struggles such as frequent protests targeting their brand and the decrease in their sells. The company has decided to cancel their traditional famous critically-acclaimed fashion show to re-establish the brand and forget about the bad reviews and attacks against their policies stereotypes of women's bodies by changing their marketing strategy.

Picture: @victoriassecret_fashion_show

Black Friday crimes

This year's Black Friday was marked by two crimes that happened during the day in two different parts of Europe. It started first in London, where an ex-convict stabbed  people in Fishmongers´ hall then ran to the London Bridge until he was killed by a police man. Even though he got stopped he managed to kill 2 people and harm 3 more on his way. Later on that day in The Hague, Netherlands 3 teens between 13 and 15 years old got stabbed by a man outside a mall. Police men still have not found the suspect but they are not associating it with a terrorist attack as the police in London.

Picture: @uk.cops


Off-Screen's Discounts

By: Roen Wijn & Brian Chan Acquisition Committee

ComedyTrain International Presents: Michelle Buteau

Are you looking for a fun way to start your Christmas holidays? If you are, then you’re in luck! Coming soon on the 22nd of December, head on down to the Toomler Cafe and, for €20,75 per ticket, enjoy a spectacular ComedyTrain performance starring actress and comedian Michelle Buteau. Born in New Jersey to Caribbean parents, in 2017 Michelle was listed as one of ten up and coming comedians to watch by Esquire Magazine. In addition, she has also appeared on television programs such as Key and Peele, Enlisted, and The Jim Gaffigan Show. Michelle’s current projects include roles on Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe as well as the television remake of the First Wives Club. If you’re interested, send an email to to buy your ticket now! Moreover, for more information regarding future ComedyTrain performances, visit and use the Off-Screen member discount to enjoy discount prices for Late Night shows.

Ketelhuis viewings

Dutch film is back and better than ever! With new releases such as ‘De Belofte van Pisa’, ‘De Liefhebbers’ and ‘Instinct’ Dutch movies gain more and more popularity among cinephiles! So if you want to know what the fuss is all about, you can visit Het Ketelhuis. Het Ketelhuis is the house of Dutch film, showing films ranging from big commercial films to small documentaries AND partner of Off-screen!
So for only €6,-- you can visit any film in Het Ketelhuis by showing your Off-screen card. And for all internationals, don’t you worry, you can enjoy these films too! Every Wednesday Het Ketelhuis shows Dutch and other European films with English subtitles.

Coming up: Off-Screen

By: Sophie Dijkman

In this monthly section you will be informed about what is coming up Off-Screen! Stay up to date on all of our fun media related events, parties and trips. From the themes to the sign-up dates, this update will give you all the information you need for the events. Did anything in the calendar spark your attention? Check out here what is coming up Off-Screen!

GMA #2 - 9th of December

In the second GMA - General Member Assembly - of this academic year, the Board of 19/20 will give you, the Off-Screen members, an update about what is going on within Off-Screen. Are you curious to learn how every event went so far, about the events that are still coming up or about the budget? Feel free to ask all of your questions concerning Off-Screen’s events and plans while enjoying some free snacks and drinks! Every member is very welcome to join us on Monday the 9th of December, from 17.00 to 19.00 in Oudemanhuispoort, lecture hall D0.09. Do you have any questions surrounding this event? Don’t hesitate to contact


Study Session #2 - 11th of December

Are you already stressing for the exam week that is coming up? No need to worry: Off-Screen is here to help with the second study session of this year, concerning not one but two courses! The courses that will be the focus of this study session are Media Culture in Transformation & Analyzing Digital Culture. Two of your teachers will be ready to answer all of your questions and guide you through getting ready for your exams! The event is for both Off-Screeners and non Off-Screeners, however if you’re not a member you have to pay a fee of €3. Don’t forget to sign up first with the following link!

Payment link for non Off-Screeners OR transfer the money to Off-Screen's bank account (Study Association Off-Screen, IBAN: NL75INGB0006390970)


Welcome Back borrel - 6th or 7th of January

After you have enjoyed your well deserved Christmas holiday and spent some time with your family and friends, it is time to reunite with your favourite Off-Screeners! Exchange your exhilarating holiday stories and promising new year’s resolutions by joining us for a drink at a bar that is yet to be announced. Yes, you heard right, the very first borrel of the year will possibly not be at our beloved Theatercafe de Richel. Instead of the usual, we have decided to kick off the year by hosting the New Year’s Borrel with Off-Screen’s beloved study associations SES and Kleio. Meet up with our European Studies and History friends and start of the year by meeting new people! Note: the borrel might be on Tuesday instead of Monday. See you all there!


What: Welcome Back Borrel

Who: Off-Screen x SES x Kleio

Where: TBA

When: Monday 6th ot Tuesday 7th of January

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