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Reporters 2018/2019

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Jonas van der Ziel

I’m Jonas. I am a basic white dude who likes to think that he stands out in one way or another, so you can probably guess a lot of facts about me. I like special beers, my mom and music that pretends to be different but fits in with the mainstream either way. This might sound basic, but believe me I am trying to be different.


Bloem van der Linde

I am Bloem, a 21 year old second year Media and Culture student. I was born and raised in Amsterdam, which might explain my extreme love for cycling everywhere and my hate for ignorant tourists. I like to say I’m a creative person who loves traveling and experiencing new things. Im a big movie lover and am also into photography.


Jude Voorvelt-Hart

I’m Jude and I’m proud. I make the best music you never heard. Kanye West and Andy Kaufman are my biggest inspirations. My South-African roots are often ridiculed but rarely seen. My goal in life is to not care about other people’s opinions, I’m close but not there yet.


Kat Golubev

I’m Russian, I’m American, I’m Alright. New to the country and to the committee. Truth be told, I am effectively clueless which forms the backbone of my bubbly character. Other than that, I enjoy refining my tastes, using words like ‘vibe’ and ‘aesthetic’, and receiving disapproving looks from afar. Please like me.


Lone Draijer

I’m Lone and I love to take pictures of beautiful people having the time of their life. I also love: beer, cheese, festivals and squirrels. You can never have enough of any of those. Well, actually, sometimes you can have enough beer and then you puke inside De Kleine on the dancefloor. But who cares.


Sven Brandenburg /svɛnˈbɹændənˌbɜrɡ/  noun

1 a member of the Reporter Committee of Off-Screen 2018/2019 2 a third-year media student who loves to create things that didn’t exist before, to think outside the box and to hate canta’s 3 a radio DJ at a local radio station in his hometown Leiden, called SleutelstadFM





Kat hoofd los.png

This was supposed to be a heartwarming tale. A girl leaves behind her whole life and moves to Amsterdam with nothing but a small suitcase and big dreams of becoming a ‘Media Professional’. And that is how it all started; with the sweet tinge of marijuana and freedom. But that’s not how it ends.

To get the juicy details: CLICK HERE

Halloween Borrel 2018

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Better Kept Secret

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From the 14th until the 25th of November one

of the Netherlands biggest film festivals will take

place in Amsterdam. IDFA is one of the  worlds

biggest documentary film festivals of the world.

And, luckily, every year in November it takes place

in Amsterdam. This year all films will be screened between the 14th and the 25th of the month so it iOS already starting today!.

The movies that are screened have many different themes and are made by filmmakers from all over the world. Like this, IDFA is an important place for new filmmakers to show their talents to the world. During many of the screenings, the directors themselves will be interviewed about their work (screenings with Q and A can be found on the IDFA website below the tab “IDFA talks”). During the last weekend of the festival, all price winning movies will be shown during the “best of IDFA” and “audience favourites” programmes.

IDFA also offers some professional masterclasses where famous documentary makers will tell about their career. For people with new media related interests, there is the DocLab, with VR-cinema, video games, interactive documentary installations and more.

Most big cinemas in Amsterdam participate in the festival. For students, a regular screening costs €8,50. But be quick, because tickets sell out fast.

The full IDFA program can be found on the website.

What to Watch? is the monthly update on what going on in the movies/series universe. I will investigate all the corners of this universe to give you the right information to feed you content hunger. On the one hand i will talk out the biggest movies you need to see in theater and on the other hand the series you can watch on your couch cuddled up in your blanket.

The first thing i need to talk about is the long awaited second movie in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, The Crimes of Grindelwald. Everyone get ready for a big dose of magic, because we are diving back into the Harry Potter universe. Once again the story will follow the adventures of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) paired by his wild collection of fantastic beasts, his muggle sidekick Jacob Kowalski (Dan Folger) and the pacifier of the group Tina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston). This time Newt has to take on Gellert Grindelwald, the predecessor of He who must not be named as the biggest villain of the magical world.

Release date NL: 15/11/18

What to Watch?
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Jonas hoofd los.png
This Month On-Screen
Ryoji Ikeda in the EYE Filmmuseum

Ikeda is a Japanese artist and musician, famous for his massive installations in which he combines electronic music and visuals. Until the second of December he has created a special exhibition for EYE where seven massive pieces are showed.

Private Scenes in the Foam

The Amsterdam Photography museum always hosts a number of temporary exhibitions from specific international photographs. At the moment, the most remarkable exhibition hosted in the museum is Private Scenes, the lifework of Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase. He is known as one of the most experimental and radical photographers of his age. Only after his death his work has been released, which is why it can be finally shown to the public.

The exhibition lasts until the 12th of December. For students, tickets to the Foam cost €8,00.

For those of us who are interested in slightly disturbing series that get under your skin, I have to perfect serie for you. This week Netflix released the second season of the serie The Sinner. The serie is all about the dark disturbing side of ordinary people. The first season is one of my favorite netflix series that I watched last year. The first season follows the story of Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) who out of nowhere viciously murders a girl on the beach. Her reasons are unknown, it seems like she doesn’t even know why she did it. Detective Harry Ambrose digs down in the past of Cora to explain her extraordinary beheauvior. The second season follows Harry Ambrose in his next investigation, the murder of a young couple by their young son.

Out now on Netflix


Last but not least I want to talk about the action horror blockbuster Overlord. This is one for all the adrenaline junkies among us. The story is about a group of American paratroopers during D-Day that discovers the dark side of German experiments. It is an action packed movie that triggers every vain in your body. If you love being Spooked, than you should definitely check out this movie.

Release date NL: 08/11/18



Off-Screen Live Monthly Playlist #1

Jude Hoofd Los.png

My approach to making this list was simple. As this is part of my introduction as a member of the reporter committee, I think all the songs should contribute to the readers, A.K.A. your,  comprehension of me as a person. Therefore I chose songs that were part of my musical childhood (Royksopp – so easy and DJ Koze - NooOoo), the song that helped me through my first heartbreak (Flying Lotus – Zodiac sh*t) and songs that helped me feel like a rebellious teen (X and Ski – Bowser and X and Ski – what in xxxtarnation).

My newfound love for Amsterdam is seen in this list by two features of a true Amsterdam legend, Ray Fuego. The first song by him (Ray Fuego – Max B) is this wonderful melodic trap tune that is perfect for the train ride between Amsterdam CS – Den Haag CS. The second song sees him take a way more aggressive approach to song making with his punk-band Ploegendienst: A raw and heartfelt shout to get rid of those damn tourists.

Furthermore my love for techno can be found in these two songs (Jeff Mills – the Bells and Samuel Rohrer – microcosmoism Villalobos remix). The first one being a true Detroit legend with a true Detroit anthem. The second one being an ode to my favourite subgenre of techno: Minimal Techno.

UvA Update

Prior to the course registration period study adviser Jacqueline Antonissen holds extra open office hours. Between 19 November - 7 December you can drop in for questions (room 1.05b), no appointment needed.  The dates and times when the office hours are held can be found at the entrance to BG1.

Please note: during this period it is not possible to schedule an appointment online!


This year’s course registration for 2nd semester is from 4 December till 18 December (13:00).

Heads Up

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Off-Screen Events November

16 - Movies by Night

19 - Borrel Themed

26 - Borrel

27 - SAC Event

Off-Screen Events December

03 - Off-Screen Eats x Sinterklaas Borrel

10 - GMA #2 x Borrel

12 - Party #2

17 - Borrel

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