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Kat vs. Culture

She was ready for the weed, she wasn't ready for the Normcore...

Still here, still weird. But we’re gonna take a little break from my personal strangeness and turn our sights on some bizarre Dutch customs. You guessed it! This month I am taking a joyride into the surprisingly insidious  racial politics of the Netherlands. While I personally love a bit of scandal, I decided to hold off on the shit-stirring to figure out what’s actually going on here. I’m giving you nuance, I’m giving you flair, but most importantly I’m giving you some reasonable goddamn opinions.

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Check out Episode #1: Koen Pelgrim

Humans Off-Screen

Off-Screen proudly presents her own podcast: Humans Off Screen.

Sven Brandenburg talks with members of your favorite study association Off-Screen. It’s a conversation with people he finds very interesting and really wants to know a little bit better. He puts them into the spotlight. In this episode: Koen Pelgrim. He is the treasurer of Off-Screen, danced on a professional level and grew up in a small farmers town, called Klarenbeek. What drives him in life? Who is Koen in fifty years? And who is Matthijs? Find out by clicking here. Enjoy it!"


On November 27th Off-Screen visited the Efteling. 

On the 28th of November a lovely group of nostalgic or curious Off-Screeners went to the magical Winterefteling. We went on rides, walked through fairy forests en mostly enjoyed the company of eachother. As a real reporter, I took my job serious and reported the fun day in a short video. So, there you go: a few delightful adventures, wondering around the Winterfteling!

Jude's Judgement

A monthly section where you can ask all the questions life brings.

Jude gives advice to all people that feel they need it. From tough life questions to simple love stories, Jude knows best. The theme this month is mental health. Health for the mental or the health of the mental? That really is a good question, please send us more of these. Thank you so much, dear readers. We love you, I love you, Jude loves you.

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This Month On-Screen

Every month Bloem and Jonas dive deep into the media realm to present you the most do's and must watch of the up and coming month. 

Festivals and Exhibitions:

This month is the month of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

What to Watch?:

This month you should definitely check out Aquaman and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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Prices: between €8,-  & €18,-

Food Review

Traffic Hummus Amsterdam

Every month the Reporter Committee will visit a new spot in the outskirts of Amsterdam to give you an honest review on all kinds of different foods.

This small restaurant is located next to the Olympic Stadion in the southern part of Amsterdam. For around 25 years, this family owned place has been preparing a great variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is most famous for it’s hummus platters, which are served with bread and other interesting combinations, such as Egyptian beans or vegan shoarma. Of course, there are more dishes than just hummus. The restaurant has a mediterranean theme and also prepares dishes like Israeli Shakshuka, falafel, Baba Ganoush and several original salads.  There are also some home made, vegan desserts on the menu.

The restaurant itself is small and cosy, with wooden tables and large windows that look onto the busy Stadionweg. The place hosts around 40 guests at the most, so it might be a good idea to make a reservation.

This place will always surprise me. I would advice everybody to try this heavenly hummus.

- Jonas van der Ziel

At first I thought it was called Traffic Humans, but when I got there I was severely disappointed.

- Kat Golubev

Hummus where the heart is!

- Sven Brandenburg

Damn, this food - and beer actually! Recommendation from a meat eater to all meat eaters.

- Lone Draijer

I waved at the waitress, thinking it was a friend and she waved back. The food was good.

- Jude Voorvelt-Hart

I am so happy I discovered a new vegetarian place to go out for dinner so close to where I live.

- Bloem van der Linde


Off-Screen Live Monthly Playlist #2

So… this was hard. While listening to Kerala from the music wizard Bonobo, I’m struggling to put into words what this music list means to me. Here’s my try:

It’s not a secret that I’m a festival lover and take beautiful techno at heart. Some of my favorites are Araya from Fatima Yamaha and Glue from Bicep. After being in higher places, there comes a moment where music is the drug to get me back on my feet again. For this cruise to my bed, I use Let It Happen from Tame Impala, Youth from Glass Animals and Instant Crush from Daft Punk – three masterpieces. Climaxes are (also) a must in music for me. The feeling of ecstasy techno brings me, I find in rock music too. Sultans Of Swing and Child In Time are hands down two of the best songs ever made. Those guitar solos... Luckily they still make amazing rock nowadays, like Red Eyes and Amsterdam.

Although the playlist isn’t in hierarchical order, number one really is number one. For those who haven’t noticed, my left arm is covered with the album cover of Tattoo’d Lady from Rory Gallagher. My sister has the same tattoo on her leg. My father used to play it in the car on vacations and raised his daughters with the delight of rock. The song and the tattoo celebrate my father: the most beautiful person in this world. And that’s all she wrote.  

UvA Update

Winter break is coming up. All UvA buildings will be closed during the winter break.

There is still a chance to sign up for courses for the 2nd semester. 


This year’s course registration for 2nd semester is from 4 December till 18 December (13:00).

Heads Up

Off-Screen Events December 2018

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07 - New Year Borrel

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