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Headers by: Camila Salcedo

Get to know the Reporters of 2019/2020...

Two months ago we started a new year of Off-Screen, a new year that will be filled with wonderful media related events, parties and trips. We, as the reporters of this year, will try our very best to capture those events for you and to save all of the precious memories. Next to this, we hope to write and create interesting written pieces and creative visual content which can be found in our monthly newsletter and on our YouTube account, Off-Screen Live. But before you dive in to our very first newsletter, we would love to introduce ourselves. Click here to meet the Reporter Committee of 2019/2020!

Love, the Reporter Committee

Alexia, Camila, Elisa, Jessie, Noa & Sophie

Calendar of November


CMA #1



08.11.19 -















Camila's Hot News

By: Camila Salcedo


In this monthly section I will share the hottest news of each week of the month. This month, since this is my first piece, I thought of fire as the main and special topic. Every month I will summarize and write about news items of the past month that are relevant to this day. This month I wrote about what is happening right now in Chile, Catalunya, California and about Trump’s speech on ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi. Do you want to know more? Click here!


@xsebastien via Instagram

Chilean 'Revolution'


@jordiborrasfoto via Instagram

Catalunya's Independence


@sbdunkscar via Instagram

California's fires


@sbdunkscar via Instagram

Trump's speech

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My Take on Murphy's Law

By: Alexia Radu

I don’t usually start my writings with confessions but since this is my first one I feel like I should start with a fundamental statement about myself (note: self-diagnosis which should probably not be taken too seriously): I am a fake pessimist. In the light of not wanting to confuse, let me explain myself: obviously the hype associated with having a positive mindset is not to be questioned, however, after years and years of an established pattern of bad outcomes (I’ve come to terms with?), I now self-induce a substantial degree of pessimism in my life in order not to be disappointed. Fabricated or not, most of the times it works. Yet, on that particular day, the natural frenzy that comes with starting uni and living in Amsterdam replaced my pessimism. Want to read more... click here!

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Coming up: Off-Screen

By: Sophie Dijkman

In this monthly section you will be informed about what is coming up Off-Screen! Stay up to date on all of our fun media related events, parties and trips. From the themes to the sign-up dates, this update will give you all the information you need for the events. Did anything in the calendar spark your attention? Check out here what is coming up Off-Screen!

Editing and filming by: Jana Franck & Julia Wegman

Coming up: On-Screen

By: Sophie Dijkman

In this monthly section I will keep you up to date with new or yet to come Netflix and cinema releases. A selection will be made of movies and series that are, in my opinion, new, different, popular, not so popular and surprising to watch. Do you need a good movie tip or a new Netflix series to binge? You will find them here

This month will be all about Netflix’s new releases, which seem to be very promising... 


Noa's Confessional

By: Noa Jansen

Noa’s confessional: a place where you can spill the tea and tell all your sins.

In this sacrament, Noa can forgive sins in Off-Screen’s name. With all the crazy stuff happening within Off-Screen’s walls, it was about time for us to have a safe place to tell your most embarrassing, weird, unusual and striking stories for them to be heard by all of us. So from now on, when something special happens to you, you have something on your mind or there’s something else that you really want to share with the rest of Off-Screen, send an email to, tell me in person or reveal it to me in a dream. If you want to share your story but you don’t want anyone to know it’s about/from you, it’s also possible to stay anonymous!  

I’m really curious about all your crazy stories and I promise, that in the last Off-Screen LIVE of this year, I will tell all of my most embarrassing and weird stories for all of you to read! 


Humans Off-Screen: Season 2

By: Elisa Boulter & Jessie Swart

Last year the Reporter Committee came up with the Humans Off-Screen podcast and you got to know a little bit more about the members of Off-Screen and what makes them special! Each month Sven Brandenburg, a member of last year’s Reporter Committee, spoke to an Off-Screen member or a previous one, and we got to sit back, relax and listen to their stories and remember what makes Off-Screen so great, its members! This year, Humans Off-Screen is back, but with a twist! Expect fun challenges, new faces and getting to know your members in interesting ways. 

If you have an intriguing life story or are up for a challenge feel free to send an email to or 


Check out season 1 below!

P.S. Subscribe to the Off-Screen Live YouTube channel!

UvA Update

Having your second semester checked by the Study Adviser of Mediastudies? No need to book an appointment! Drop by during the (extra and extended) open office hours in November and December. Check the office hours on the door of Off-Screen's office, the Hok, or on the entrance doors at BG1. 

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Heroes & Villains

Presented by: Elisa Boulter & Alexia Radu

Edited by: Noa Jansen & Jessie Swart

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