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Articles January

Donate to Australia!

As we all know Australia is being tortured with massive wildfires. The fires are destroying everything and everyone they touch. As we watch these fires burn, sitting back and doing nothing is not an option. As Off-Screeners we want to help! As the Reporter Committee we are asking you to please donate something, even the small amounts will help!

We have made donating very easy for you! Click on the links below to check out the varying charities to which you can donate money.


How to help Australia:


1. Donate to the Rural Fire Service in New South Wales

2. Donate to Country Fire Service in South Australia 


3. Donate to the Red Cross 

4. Donate to the Australian Koala Foundation

5. Donate to WWF australia


6. Donate to Givit

7. to CFS foundation 


8. Donate via GoFoundMe Australia

9. Donate to St Vincent de Paul Society 

Thank you!

bushfires 2.jpg

Coming up Off-Screen


By: Sophie Dijkman

Red Cup borrel - 20th of January

It’s time for the first borrel of 2020 in our beloved Theatercafé de Richel, and it’s a special one! As there is no borrel this week due to Off-Screen being On Piste, we decided to come back with something extra… It is a well known fact that Off-Screeners love to play beer pong at the borrels, so we thought it might be nice to add some more games. All sorts of ‘red-cup-games’ will be set up at de Richel so come to see if you can win from your fellow Off-Screeners! Bring it on and see you Monday!


Off-Screen’s Got Talent - 19th of February

Are you secretly a good belly dancer? Is the shower the only one that hears your amazing voice? Can you play an impressive guitar solo? Do you do stand-up? Are you a magician? Do you have any (hidden) talents that you want to show your fellow Off-Screeners? Impress your friends in the audience by signing up for Off-Screen’s Got Talent 2020! If you want to be amazed and see your friends perform, you can also buy tickets to be in the audience! 


Sign up is from the 22nd of January and the event at the 19th of February, which gives you enough time to start practicing!


Berlinale - 27th of February until the 1st of March

Have you always wanted to go to an international film festival? This is your chance… Off-Screen is taking 35 lucky members to join us to the Berlinale - the international film festival of Berlin! Next to watching a selection of movies throughout the days, we will also go on a city tour through the city and visit the most notorious nightclubs. Are you ready for actually attending a film festival, while enjoying Berlin in all of its glory? Join us on one of Off-Screen’s most famous trips! 


Sign up: 2nd of February

Noa's Confessional

By: Noa Jansen

We can leave all of our sins behind in 2019 and start 2020 with a clean slate.  A new year in which a lot of new embarrassing moments await us! 

Confession #1

“At the place where I work we have a microphone to announce all kinds of stuff to the visitors. One day I heard Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody playing over the boxes in the entrance hall, so I grabbed the mic and started singing along. Little did I know that the mic was on and that it was synchronized with the music, so when I started singing, the music went off and all the visitors could hear was my voice echoing through the whole building. Never doing that again.” 

Confession #2

“So one time I was really drunk and I wasn’t able to bike home anymore, so I went to a guy’s house (who was sober) and slept with him. In the middle of the night I woke up, but instead of lying in his bed, I’m peeing all over the wooden floor in his living room. And the worst thing is, that when you’re peeing you think like “shit I really need to stop peeing”, but you can’t. I was thinking what ‘do I do, what do I do”. There was literally a puddle of my piss, so I had to clean it up. I searched his whole house for something to clean it up with, but the only thing I could find was the one towel hanging in his bathroom. I grabbed it and used it to clean up my puddle of pee. After that I poured some kind of all-purpose cleaner on the floor to cover the pee-smell that otherwise would have penetrated his wooden floor. I hung the towel back where it came from and lay next to him in bed again. An hour later he woke up, grabbed that exact towel and got in the shower. And I thought “okay this is my time to go” and I got up and left. We’ve never had sex again and I also don’t know if he knows that I pissed on his wooden floor in his living room, but sometimes we run into each other at uni and we say hi.”  

Do you feel like sharing your own confessions to your fellow Off-Screener's? Send an email to!

Off-Screen's sponsosrs

By: Sven Brandenburg, Brian Chan & Roen Wijn

Acquisition Committee

'Het Ketelhuis' program in January

Het Ketelhuis is starting the new decade of with a bang! At the end of January Het Ketelhuis
is hosting their first ever course about Film and Sex. This is a course of 6 evenings with speakers Mylaine Roelofs and Kevin Toma. They will talk about different topics around sex and how it relates to film. A very interesting course as it will discuss ideas from articles, central to media and culture, written by Richard Dyer and Laura Mulvey.

If you want to join you can sign up with this link!
The course is €60, -- for 6 nights, but you can also visit seperate nights for €15,-- .
To read more about the cursus or other events Het Ketelhuis check out this link!

ComedyTrain is back!

ComedyTrain is back with two new international shows! For just €20.75 per ticket, enjoy two entertaining performances by some of comedy's most talented. On the 19th of January, get ready for laughs with the charismatic Matt Richardson and the comedic Darren Harriott. Then on the 9th and 10th of February, take in a spectacular show by critically acclaimed comedian and "Strip Club Einstein", Jamali Maddix. Two Months, two shows, and a whole lotta laughs! For more information, please visit this website!

Escape World

Done with your books and down for a bit excitement? And are you good at solving riddles? Escape World is then the place to be! They offer exciting escape game adventures with great ambiance. The assignment is simple: escape from this room as fast as you can. But that’s easier said than done… They can guarantee an exciting lively experience where you and your team will be sent on a 60-minutes quest across a totally different world. And it gets even better… Off-Screeners can book an escape room for €15,- per person with a free drink, if you come with a minimum of three people. Make sure to mention that you’re from Off-Screen if you book a room. Good luck with solving the mysteries and escaping!

My take on Murphy's Law

By: Alexia Radu

Repeating the same narrative could eventually lead to an unavoidable monotony. It’s always about me, always chaotic, always sprinkled with unnecessary drama. So, let’s add a twist to the story: I therefore introduce a more intense version of myself, my sister, who, as it happens, possesses the secret power of attracting trouble. It’s safe to lay forward the argument that everyone’s holidays are messy but simply calling this one messy would be an understatement. 

Broader context: 

If you ever find yourself during Christmas time in a small town called Brasov in Romania, going clubbing almost every day is a given. Sure, it gets banal and tiresome, but still, at 12:30 a.m. everybody shows up. 


22nd of December 

Alcohol, consumed in any doses (but here let’s just say a high one), often comes with the illusion of being in control; even worse, it comes with the illusion of being invincible. After having confused a random guy outside with another one and consequently having started yelling at him for nothing, my sister proceeded being her most genuine, straightforward self for the night. It might appear that I was a spectator to this, but don’t be fooled. Picture this: a 1.60 metres tall girl, in a sparkly, tight dress and on heels, fighting a gang of 7 boys at 6 a.m. in front of the club. How did we get here? Well, another yet beautiful Romanian (let’s call it so) tradition is to go to McDonalds after clubbing. Staying true to her nationality and what that entails, my sister was dragging me there. On the way, some random guys decided to whistle and make some sexist comments at us (which to be honest is quite usual in my country); my sister started yelling back; one thing led to another and 5 minutes later one of them was standing in front of her, ready to punch her in the face. Adding to this, there I was, standing by her side, asking him with my nicest voice to not mind her and leave, and there she was, provoking him to punch her so that she would punch him back. Fortunately, he mumbled something on the lines that he doesn’t hit girls and they all left. 

One hour later: there she is at 7 a.m. inhaling some cakes, completely oblivious of what just happened and there I am, happy I don’t have a black eye. 


27th of December 

Clubbing again. Being again her extra self, she decides to dance on the table. This other girl, gets extremely frustrated that my sister is allowed and she isn’t and she decides to direct her anger straight into the club’s glass door. As the ambulance and police pull outside, my sister is headed straight for a ride in a merry-go-round that was placed in the square where the club is. The very efficient Romanian police let us have our fun (although it was illegal) since we pretended to not speak Romanian and they couldn’t be bothered to try out their English. 


I am aware clubbing in Romania doesn’t sound very safe right now, so sorry for the negative publicity.

Camila's Hot News


By: Camila Salcedo

Vogue Italia conscious - Source: @Paolo.ventura

Vogue is starting the year off with its magazine being eco-friendly. They have decided not to do photoshoots in this month's issue and it is also going to be made of 100% compostable plastic. This issue is composed by 7 different covers and all of them are paints of models in Gucci.

Due to the variations on the costs of the magazine of this month, Gucci has announced that the money they safe this month will be destined to the rebuilding of the museum Fondazione Querini Stampalia (@fondazionequerinistampalia) that got damaged by floods that recently happened in Venice.

Conversations from Calais - Source: @conversationsfromcalais

@conversationsfromcalais is a project in which people anonymously share, in 150 words, the conversations they had with migrants that ended up in Calais mostly as refugees or volunteers. This project consists of creating posters and pasting them all over the world to create awareness for their stories and the conditions these people have to live in. 

Calais is a city in the north of France which has one of the main ports that connects France to the UK. Migrants end up here wishing they could cross to a “better quality life”.

The power of nudes - Source: @nakedphilanthropist

20 year old model Kaylen Ward started off the year by tweeting that she would send nudes for every 10 Dollars donated to various non profit charities that help the families and wild animals damaged by  bushfires in Australia. She got her Instagram account deactivated three times, but still managed to raise more than 700.000 dollars in donations for the cause. She later tweeted “My IG got deactivated, my family disowned me, and the guy I like won’t talk to me all because of that tweet. But fuck it, save the koalas.” She also experienced trolls that tried to sell her pictures or distributed them for free, bullies and people that tried to scam her. 

Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis killed - Source:  @nytimes

This year has started with a lot of unrest. On January 3rd president Trump announced that a strike the army made with a drone killed Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s regional security general and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an Iraqi militia commander. This event was considered a direct sign of war by Iranians and they started seeking for revenge. 

On January 7th Jonathan Hoffman, the secretary of defense of the United States also declared that Iran made a strike in two North American bases: Asad air base and Ebril base. 

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