The Study Association for Mediastudies at the University of Amsterdam. Click here to learn more about us!

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Do you want to become a documentary filmmaker?

Searching for a workshop program to stimulate your international documentary film ambitions in the Netherlands? The Creative Film Academy is the place to be for you! 

International student in the Netherlands, or thinking of going abroad?

Would you like to share your experiences and tips on moving to and living in the Netherlands, or would you be keen to gain more information on moving and studying abroad? The Exchange Ambassadors at UvA are looking to work together with students to help each other and offer answers to many different questions regarding studying abroad.

Kino Guarimba - film adventure

Film residency in Southern Italy for filmmakers, actors and tech crew.

Don't dig us a Humanities Grave

The humanities are more important than ever. However, the budget for remains a
sensitive topic. How do we solve this problem?

ASVA is looking for the Board of 2020/2021!

ASVA is a student organization that works for students in Amsterdam. With a board year at ASVA you can further develop yourself and you will have a year full of fun! You can dedicate yourself to better education, affordable public transport, or more affordable student housing, but you can also start marketing as a treasurer!


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