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It has finally come the time for Off-Screen’s 26th annual film festival! 


MAC is inviting you to an inspiring night celebrating and showcasing young student talent at the beautiful LAB111!

Be ready to be enticed and captivated by these glorious student films, followed by some insights and thoughts  from a panel of experienced industry professionals. 


The festival will be from 18:00-22:00 and followed by the films, you can join us for drinks and conversation at the Kapel at LAB111. Don't forget to dress fancy and we hope to see you there!  


DISCLAIMER: You have to be an Off-Screen member to buy this ticket. At the door, your membership will be checked. If it appears that you have bought this ticket without membership, you will be charged for the remaining price of a NON-MEMBER ticket.

Ticket: Film Festival 2023

  • Keep in mind!

    The document that you receive in the email is not a ticket! Off-Screen manually checks your membership at the entrance. If tickets are bought for other people, they have to enter the event together with the buyer.

  • Where can I get my ticket?

    The email will tell you that you will get a confirmation when you can get your ticket. This is incorrect! The ticket is not a physical item. At Off-Screen, we work with a guest list. Have you bought a ticket? Your name will be on there.

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