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Are you the hero? The villain? or the girl? Dust out your suits and your long dresses for this year’s gala! The theme for the night is one of the most iconic movie man of our generation, James Bond!


Join us on November 30th in West-Indisch Huis from 22:00-02:00 for a night of drinks, music, and amazing photo opportunities! Don’t forget to wear your classy gowns and pressed suits and we can’t wait to see you there!


DISCLAIMER: You have to be an Off-Screen member to buy this ticket. At the door, your membership will be checked. If it appears that you have bought this ticket without membership, you will be charged for the remaining price of a NON-MEMBER ticket.

Ticket: 007 James Bond’s Gala

  • Keep in mind!

    The document that you receive in the email is not a ticket! Off-Screen manually checks your membership at the entrance. If tickets are bought for other people, they have to enter the event together with the buyer.

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