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22/24-09: Introduction Weekend

25-09: Borrel

26-09: Dutch Film Festival



2-10: Themeborrel

03-10: MEAC Event

09-10: GA + Borrel

11-10: First Party

16-10: Borrel

23/27-10: Exam Week


Meeting Off-Screen

Coming to Amsterdam // Emilie

Moving to Amsterdam has been a wild 
experience. Coming from Shanghai,
I thought that the city of Amsterdam
would be a piece of cake but boy
was I wrong! I was greeted by a
very busy central station and luckily managed to get to Science Park for my START appointment with sweat dripping and my heart beating. I arrived in my apartment and quickly discovered the rat droppings all over the kitchen, and the bathroom that hadn’t been cleaned in years. Before coming to Amsterdam everyone told me that I needed to get a bike, so I did. I rode it once. It got stolen. I sat on my bed and thought about what the hell I got myself into. Me and my friend were riding our bikes to Paradiso. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty intoxicated and didn’t have much of an idea of what was happening. We were riding at what felt like 40km/hr but was probably more like 5km/hr, and all of a sudden my bike stopped moving and I couldn’t pedal anymore. It had turned out that my scarf got stuck in my back wheel. This couple, who I have never met before (bless them) stopped and came to help me. With a pair of scissors and some dedication they managed to get the scarf out. All I can say is that despite my unlucky start, I wouldn’t give up an experience like this one for easy beginnings.

Review: Meeting

Off-Screen // Vera

The time had come to meet Off-Screen,
the study association that travels more
than that it actually studies and where
friendships go beyond just cuddling.
It was day two of the Intree-week, which means the word ‘awkward’ was still floating around somewhere. Lucky for group 127, they had the time and space to slowly get started, since momma 1 made sure her kids where on time for her own events, and momma 2 kept the kids happy with rounds of beer. Charming disco music created a welcoming vibe. Before I even noticed the music made a 180°C switch everyone was already dancing, drinking and bonding on the song ‘wild thoughts’. The party got started and Abba or Mainstreet were not even played yet. The rounds of beer kept coming, the waste of beer kept spreading and our throats were open wide for alcohol as well as singing as each other tongues…
Welcome to Off-Screen everyone

Cineville's Must-C

Tick.. tick.. tick... This emotional action movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. The impeccable use of sound editing will transport you to Dunkirk where lives have been ended, changed and saved forever.
Lady Macbeth
"She'll get restless if she is tied up too long."
Murder, deceit and mind games are all part of this thriller. I only have one word of advice; don't cross the lady of the house, for you will regret it.

Off-Screen Tip!

Cinekid is looking for volunteers! If you're interested in helping with an official film festival click the image below and sign up!

Studybreak Series

Don't know what to watch this coming fall?
No worries, Off-Screen has got you covered! Here is a list of a few shows to watch while your all snuggly on the couch or in bed. 
Logan Lucky
2 brothers and 1 masterplan.
These unlucky brothers are said to be cursed, but will everything fail if their masterplan is set into action?

Advice for your New Life as a Student //  Misha

Attention First Years: Get ready for the new year with these 8 tips to help you ease into your new life of being a student!
Click Here
American Horror Story - Season 7
The new season of American Horror Story is here and it's ready to get gorey, political and intense. The perfect show to enjoy for your horrornight with friends.


Virgo aug 22 - sept 23
My dear Virgo, the time for purity and modesty is over. Show the world the best that you can be and take no shit from no one. Just stay away from sidewalks for they might force you to cross the line.
Riverdale - Season 2
School is back in session and it is no different for the kids of Riverdale. Last season we were all obsessed with the murder on Jason Blossom. What will the next season entail? Only one way to find out. 

Reminder: Committees

Applications for the committees are about to open again! At the borrel of 18 september the board will be ready to answer all your questions surrounding the committees. 


P.S. Here is a little surprise for you: There are still some spots left for the Introduction Weekend!

Send an email to: 

See you the 22nd!

That 70's Show - ALL SEASONS 
Remember the 70's? The time of flower prints, disco, flared pants and hippies. While watching this hilarious show you will be transported to that era and come back with stomach aches from all the laughter.

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