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Announcement: Winter Wonder Weekend

There is a new trip coming up my dear Off-Screeners! Mark the weekend of the 9th until 12th of November​ as there will be an extremely fun weekend on its way! Where are we going? You'll have to check the Facebook for more information... 

Off-Screener in the Spotlight // Anna

Imagine getting an internship at Buzzfeed. Now imagine getting an all expenses paid trip to Australia. Now imagine these two things combined. This is the reality for Off-Screens own Anna Mazzilli! This Italian beauty is travelling through a world "down under" all across the pacific. While blogging about her adventures she'll see sites most of us can only dream of. If you want to follow her you can on fb / insta. For now we can only say: you go Anna!
Facebook: Buzzfeed Mates
Instagram: anna_mazzilli or buzzfeedmates


Introduction Weekend

// Charlie Brown

On a sunny Friday afternoon not long ago, I headed out towards a weekend of getting to know my fellow first-year media scholars. Slightly hungover and dressed to impress I rocked up at Amsterdam Central Station to realise I didn’t really know anyone from  before. Not to worry, nothing like a few brews to get the old talk-orifice going. After a few more brews and far too many train switches, we finally arrived in Leeuwarden. Party was already in full swing and the people rather intoxicated. Better catch up. As the party rolled on into the morning mist of Saturday, my memory decreased with each passing hour. I believe there was vomiting on a few occasions and I am sure someone fornicated in the bushes.

Saturday. Cruelly woken up. Headache. Last night’s beer next to my bed. Why not? Breakfast is served. Arrive outside, fashionably late, to join my team; Hangover Titty City, for the team building exercises. I will admit, as the games begun my morale was quite low. Can you blame me? I was sweating my arse off in a costume that smelled like alcohol and sweat, among other bodily fluids. But as the games progressed my morale increased, along with my blood alcohol level. I believe some city no one’s ever heard of won the games, Lit something. Who cares? More alcohol? Yes, please. After
this everything sort of blurs into one big pot of passing out, waking up, beer, nakedness, beer, more vomiting (not on my part), drinking games, beer and a whole other heap of stuff I’m sure happened but I can’t remember. Anyhow, I am sure the night ended with a bunch of more fornicating in creative places not so private. After all, isn’t this what  introduction weekends are about?

New on Netflix

If you're in the mood for some Netflix & chill or just want the relax by yourself on the coach. Don't you fret because Off-Screen has got you covered! Here are a few new releases coming to Netflix in October.
Pocahontas - 12th of October
This Disney classic is already on Netflix right now! The perfect way to add some nostalgia to the week and try to paint with the colors of the wind.
Hatefull Eight - 13th of October
Tarantino does the wild, wild west in this action packed western. The only thing more apparent than the brass jokes, testosteron and crude humor is  the use of the f-word. 
Stranger Things // Season 2 - 27th of October
This Netflix sensation is back for a second season and boy am I excited! Even better is the fact the full season is being uploaded at once. Binge-watching it will be! 

Cineville's Must See

Life can be cruel and this movie is living proof of it.
Parents in the middle of a divorce, a missing child and a loveless world all take the stage in this Russian drama. This icy story will leave a chill in your heart, but fulfill your cinematographic needs. 
Love is Thicker than Water
"We only just met. - That's long enough to know I love you."
Love is strange and this heartwarming tale embodies that aspect of life. In this quirky, lovable film you get to see the honest and relatable story of two people falling in love.
"Change is coming."
First we must understand what has been, to change what is to come. This intense movie tells the story of racism in America's past which still can be felt throughout the country. In light of current events, this movie can help with highlighting different perspectives. 

Off-Screen Tip!
DocuDoka X ADE

On Friday October 20th, DocuDoka organizes a special ADE film event in club Doka in Het Volkshotel with the screening of If I Think of Germany at Night (2017, Denk Ich an Deutschland in der Nacht), a new documentary by director Romuald Karmakar’s about the lives of five major DJs in the electronic music scene (AtaRoman FlügelSonja MoonearDavid Moufang and Ricardo Villalobos), and a live performance by house music band KAUW. After the screening and performance, DJ Anel will take over the stage for a regular Doka club night until 6:00 in the morning!
Notice: UvA "Meeloopdag"
The UvA is looking for motivated students who are willing to help aspiring first years with their open day at the study! For every student you guide for a day you also get a book voucher of €10,- per student. You can sign up by sending an email to: meelopen-fgw@uva.nl. 
Libra ​Sept 23 - Oct 22
From spring to summer, from summer to fall, the winds keep changing. As the sign of balance, you're focused on maintaining order but the stars advice to go with the change in weather. Lets the scales balance themselves. Relax, go to a movie premiere and find the star in your movie called life.


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