“Go study they said, it will be fun they said.”


Everyone will say that college is going to be the best time of your life. However hanging out with your books and going to class all day doesn’t seem to be very life changing. That’s why Off-Screen will organize many parties and events where students can get together and party all night long! We’ll crash different clubs & festivals, sail through the canals of Amsterdam and special locations will be seen. Also we organize a weekly get-together (called “borrel” in dutch) where everybody can hang-out together in our favorite spot The Atrium Cafe!


Get ready to dress up as your favorite movie character or find your best Hawaiian outfit as there will be a lot of themed parties and ‘borrels’. Curious what you can expect for your Amsterdam party experience this year? Please visit our agenda. 



 Off-Screen Crasht 


 Fitness Borrel 


 Gatsby Gala 

Fairytale Ferry

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