Zero Waste Lifestyle






“Zero Waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life

cycles so that all products are reused.”


99 percent of the stuff we buy is trashed within 6 months






Dear fellow students,


Welcome to this new series of how to reduce your waste in your daily life.

This will be your monthly guide to help you reduce unnecessary waste.


We’re all aware of environmental problems increasing everyday while the

people at the top barely giving a damn. So, let’s start a change ourselves


Here some facts to get your motives straight:


It takes 500 – 1000 years for plastic to degrade


500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide; more than one million bags are used every minute


By 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish







Hereby the first edition of this series, with as topic our daily uni life! 




#1 “Go-To-Uni”


1.    Reusable water bottle

Stop spending money on buying a new water bottle once every week; start

using a reusable water bottle every day. Good thing is you will drink more

water, which is good for less headaches, fresher breath, more-energy and

clearer skin.


Retulp Urban – 750ml



Steel Dopper – 800ml  




2.    Reusable coffee cup

Coffee is our dear friend while studying. Reduce the paper cups circling

around you and reuse your thermos over and over again. And no worries,

it will fit under the coffee machine, just flip up the rack.




Leifheit Coco Isoleerfles – 500ml



Retulp thermoskan – 300ml






3.    Tupperware

We’ve all crossed Koningsplein to get our lunch at Albert Heijn, to buy

small pieces of mango for 3 euros. Easy as it is, so damaging the plastic will be.

Save your money and prep your lunch at home.


There are different containers you can use:


1.    Stainless steel lunchbox

Light and best recyclable material



2. Glass lunchbox

Best used as container for leftovers at home, because yeah, heavy. 


IKEA set 



3. Plastic lunchbox

If you already have these ones at home, you can use it. Unfortunately

we noticed they’re not made for lifelong use and hard to recycle, so

we recommend the stainless one.



4.    Pack food for the day

Preparing  your own food gives you insight in what will enter your body.

Avoid being hungry at uni and buying more food at the supermarket than

you actually need. Make your own sandwich at home, cut some fruit in

 pieces or take your leftovers from last nights diner with you. Zero waste

and zero spending.




5.    Tote Bag for groceries on the run

Getting groceries on the way home is best since you don’t have to leave your house again, only for dinner. Make sure to avoid spending 0,15 cent on a plastic bag. Bring your tote bag along anywhere you go, this way you’ll

always be prepared for surprising purchases.













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