Throwback: Off-Screen On-Piste

February 11, 2018

It’s been 18 days since we’ve let the fresh snow and vin chauds of Valmeinier behind, but there hasn’t been a day I didn’t think about the amazing trip we’ve had. I mean, how could I with all the shit that went down. Friday we hopped on the bus to arrive on Saturday with no further complications. However, the moment we left the bus the one and only Jan Koopmans already managed to lose his phone. Turns out, Jan’s phone was not the biggest thing that someone lost during this trip, and no I’m not talking about Michael’s suitcase ;).




The first day was nice, lots of sun and because everyone was tired from the bus trip we took it slow that night. Turned out we were smart saving our energy because on Sunday we had our first night @ La Brasilia. (Well some of us did...) Let’s say not everyone one made it to the club, at least not mentally. I’m sure they where there physically for a whole 20 minutes! On Monday we could see the damage our first party night had caused: some dislocated joints, someone be rescued in a banana, and rumor has it some people where so dead on the inside they had their very own ‘’High School Musical’’-night instead of going out. Long story short, Monday was a good day. Tuesday however was even better, some people were so jealous of the banana-adventure from the day before they willingly went snowboarding #bananagoals. Tuesday was also the day Dmitri set us up at the après-ski bar. I believe the idea was to party @ La Brasilia that night, but since we all peaked at 7 pm from the way too large beers. We went to bed early.


After a good night’s rest everybody was ready to master the slopes like a champion on Wednesday, but the weather decided it was a better idea to watch Keizer Kuzco and go swimming that day. Nice side effect of the snowstorm was that instead of walking down the stairs we could now just slide down. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the steps for the rest of the week either, but hey, let’s just forget about that minor detail. Even though the snow ruined a day of skiing and snowboarding, the Full Moon Party was there to make up for it. I don’t know what they put in that paint, but somehow the STC turned in to the inceSTC, and 19 out of the 31 of us where spooning that night. Which in some cases may have even led to something more.


In conclusion: Off-Screen managed to hold up the stereotype of student’s from Amsterdam on a vacation, proud of you guys. From this point on we where on fire, the Thursday that followed was one where we let VSPA win at beer pong, just to make them feel better because we had already won the whole trip with our performance at the Full Moon Party of course. Then Friday arrived our last evening together. We spent it together with a lovely dinner full of meat, wine, cheese, Genipi and even more cheese. I would love to take your memory back to all the other things that happened that last night, but I would have to rely on my saved Snapchats for that and I rather not share those with you. All I can tell is that that Saturday was my least favorite moment of the week, and the fact that the bus was delayed for 5 hours and we had to drag our stuff around through the snow didn’t make it any better. Even though that sucked, it was nice to have a last dinner together. All tired, surrounded by pizza boxes and our travelling bags, satisfied with the amazing days we’ve had. Around eleven we could finally enter the bus, well I must say eleven thirty, because according to the bus driver ‘’eleven is eleven’’. Finally there was Sunday, the day ‘’Het Dispuut’’ was ripped apart, and we could all go to our own beds to sleep for 16 hours.


Valmeinier, you were amazing.

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