Things to Look Forward to in 2018

January 11, 2018



“If You Liked 2017, You’ll Love 2018.” – Frank Ocean, 3rd of January.
2018 is the year that we should all keep our eyes peeled and our ears open, because who knows which tunes Frank Ocean will bring us in the new year?


Jayoncé collaborative album
Which has been the biggest power couple for years is planning to do legendary things in 2018. As much as we love Jay-Z and Beyoncé separately, we will always love the idea of them together a little bit more. This is the year that we get to enjoy the fusion of their talents and voices in a complete (!!) album, let’s all fall “Crazy in Love”.




When the days become longer and the nights get shorter it will be  time for everyone to celebrate summer. Deadlines are in the past and when it’s time to live in the now there is no better place to be than at Lowlands. Get your crazy on and enjoy the all the nice music, food, drinks and good vibes.


17th-19th of August



De Parade
Don’t feel like sweating your a$$ off in the theatre in summer? Lucky you! De Parade is taking theatre outside. Visit De Parade in one of four Dutch cities and surround yourself with creativity in a nice atmosphere.

Amsterdam: 17th of August – 2nd of September; Other cities:



Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens)
Did your summer body resolutions work out this year? Or was it a complete failure? One thing is for sure: It’s too late now to think of a 2k18 summer body, so why not binge on a lot of nice food in the open air? Visit the Rolling Kitchens and enjoy international foods and drinks in the summer heat.  

9th-13th of May



Gay Pride
Dutch people are known to be tolerant (and also very lovely – Berber Peters). This year again it’s time to join these folks in loving everyone and celebrating all the colours of the rainbow.

28th of July – 5th of August



For Film Lovers



LAB 111 ♡ Ghibli
LAB 111 offers the lovers of the magical world of Japanese animation a broad selection of films made by the well-known Studio Ghibli. Never heard of it? Give it a try and see where your fantasy will take you. Already a fan? Take your imagination to a higher level by watching these classics once more!

7th-27th of January


Just like any other year IDFA is the place to be for a broader selection of documentaries. Drowning in exams and deadlines again, but really wanting to travel around the world to find new impressions? IDFA takes you everywhere.  

14th-25th of November




Amsterdam Light Festival
Now we’ve left Christmas and New years behind us, it seems like winter is long gone. But although the Christmas trees are being boxed up again or put out with the trash, the Amsterdam Light Festival is keeping the holiday spirit in our city until the 21st of January. Don’t have any time to visit now uni is taking over your life again? Don’t fear: It’s starting again in December 2018!



As you all may know, Amsterdam likes to keep the spirit alive throughout the year. With it’s many art expositions that are planned for the upcoming year I could not wrap my head around one specific one that stood out. They are all just too good. I recommend you all get yourselves a “Museumjaarkaart” (Yearly museum membership) and visit as much of these expositions as you can. Time for a new hobby!

Expositions calendar:


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