Portrait of an Off-Screener: Passion #2

January 6, 2018




(n.) a thing arousing great enthusiasm


Passion, a feeling that can bring great joy and enthusiasm,

a feeling that can let peoples eyes sparkle when they talk about it, a feeling that brings energy. This is why I choose ‘passion’ as my first subject for my portrait series. I’ll interview three people

who will talk about something that arouses great enthusiasm within them. Their passion

has either been strongly presented in their past, it’s fully alive right now, or they have an

ambition that is turning into their passion throughout the years.


My second interviewee is Rosalie Eppink; a 17-year-old Off-Screener from the small

village Bovenkarspel. I met Rosalie during the Intreeweek and she gave me the impression

of being a calm, independent, down to earth girl. I was surprised to discover that she is into

theatre, and likes to perform on stage. I figured she must only do it low key in small theatre

groups, but, as it turns out, she has a full résumé of

productions to share with us. Rosalie

was the perfect new candidate for the second interview of this portrait series, in which she

will talk about her passion that flourished in her earlier days.



 Rosalie grew up in a safe community, having good relationships with her family and friends.

She started performing at a young age, inventing little plays in the living room and persuading

her parents to watch. When Rosalie was 5 years old she started taking dance classes, toddler

classes, she would call them. She enjoyed those classes and started trying out different dance

styles, varying from modern dance, to hip hop, to classical ballet. Her interest for musical

broadened further when 8-year-old Rosalie auditioned for a role in the musical ‘Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek’. She was given the role of an ensemble player.


From this moment on Rosalie joined the NMJT; “the national youth musical theatre”; the

organisation responsible for the production of ‘Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek’. NJMT is a school

that gives people aged 4 - 23 a chance to perform on a big stage. During the summer they start

the rehearsals, prepping a whole musical in four weeks; then, from September up to May/ June,

different casts perform the play every weekend. Optional was a one-week 4-hour session of

musical training in ballet, jazz, play and singing, which of course Rosalie did; it being the

highlight of Rosalie’s week.


2 years later, aged 10, Rosalie auditioned for another musical called ‘Oorlogswinter’. This time

she got a small part, with three lines to say. Together with her sister and brother this time too,

they performed the play for a whole year.


'This was so much fun, you’re just part of this big group, getting to know all these new

people and becoming a big family’


And this wasn’t the end; one year later she joined the musical of ‘Tovenaar van Oz’, in which

she managed to get the main part, playing the young girl Dorothy Gal.


‘Tovenaar van Oz was really special, because it was the first time I had a big part. With

the other productions you could fool around behind the scenes, but with this one I

couldn’t do that, I had a bigger responsibility to uphold.’


‘…And then in the end, when you’re finished, and people start clapping for you, that

was really special; I got to do so many incredible things, touring through the Netherlands

and Belgium and performing in Carré, that’s just really awesome.’


In the meantime Rosalie continued her dance classes, practicing 14 hours a week.


‘.. it was just really nice and since all my friends were there too, it felt like a second

home. For a while I went every evening for a few hours to dance’


I point out the pink ballet shoes hanging in her room. Rosalie used them for her ballet classes,

which is one of her favourite form of dance, together with modern.


R: ‘Ballet is really nice to do, I don’t know why, it’s pretty intense but you feel really

satisfied after you finished a workout.. and it is elegant, which I like.


‘I really enjoy modern, because…  I don’t know, you can just move really nice with

modern, so flexible, very chill. And you can, yeah it sounds a bit deep but, you can

put a feeling in there, I think that is beautiful; putting an emotion into a dance.’


The moment I entered Rosalie’s room I noticed a particular colour scheme with white and

pink; a classical girly environment. Together with her love for singing, dancing, and acting

she seems a girly girl, but at the same time she is down to earth and not scared to give her

opinion. I ask her where this comes from and if she has always had this demeanour.


R: ‘I come from a Western-Frisian village, where the slogan is: “act normal that’s

already crazy enough”, so I have always been very down-to-earth.


Rosalie tells me that theatre helped develop her confidence to speak up, but it is not the

main reason.


R: ‘I’m really like my mom; we’re both really stubborn.


V: ‘That stubbornness, does it also come forward during musical repetitions and

dance classes?’


R: ‘No, not really… No, because when someone tells me how we’re going to do it

and it’s not for me to decide yes or no, I don’t have trouble accepting that, they are

the boss and this is how it goes.’


‘But speaking about stubbornness, it’s more when I’m in a discussion with someone.

I just think: ‘No, that’s just not true!’ and I’ll speak up.’


‘...and I just wanna do what I like to do, I don’t like it when other people are telling

me: you have to do this, you have to do that. No, I just want to do what I prefer to do.’


When I ask Rosalie if she can accept it when someone proves her wrong in a discussion she

very simply answers:


R: ‘Nope, that’s not a problem, I won’t get angry about it. I don’t get angry easily



V: ‘Oh actually, that’s right.’


I remember talking to Rosalie during the Intreeweek, when she told me she rarely has

arguments, nor fights. This intrigued me, making me wonder how someone can be so

calm, and wise about when it is worth speaking up, and when it is worth saving her energy.

‘I just can’t be bothered’ she answers me.


V: ‘And what about fights in high school, we all know how girls can be.’


R: ‘Yes girls… that’s something I don’t like about girls. In that sense guys are way

more chill haha.’


‘Sometimes, of course, we had some irritations among each other, but I never really

experienced a big fight inside our group of friends.’


Really? I ask, thinking about my primary and high school fights that I got myself into.


R: ‘Yeah, no, not really, or it really didn’t make an impression on me haha.’


V: ‘Haha, okay fair enough’


I’m wondering if there is a downside to this all, of being so down-to-earth; so I ask her

if there is another characteristic that comes along with being down-to-earth..


R: ‘You mean what my why bad characteristic is?’


V: ‘Yeah, more like a counter characteristic?’


R: ‘Than I would say my stubbornness; I always have my own opinion.’


V: ‘Have you always been this way?’


R: ‘Yes.. I think so haha.’



‘But my mom will be the one telling me; ‘Roos, not everything will go the way

you want it to go’’


V: ‘Do you find it hard to accept that?’


R: ‘Yes, oh well, I don’t know… uhm it just has to happen.’


‘But yeah, you know, time will pass by anyway, so the moment will go soon enough and

then it doesn’t matter anymore whether it happened my way or not haha.’



‘Another thing I think is annoying about me, is that I want everything to be perfect. I

want to do everything right, but of course, that’s not necessary.’



V: ‘How does this affect you?’


R: ‘Well, it’s just that besides school I do a lot of other stuff, but at the same time I

want good grades, which means I have to work late in the night, because I want to

do it right… but at one point I’m just done, tired… it becomes too much.


V: ‘Do you mind failing?’


R: ‘Yes.’


V: ‘When is the last time you’ve failed?’


 R: ‘With what?’




‘I don’t actually know… I don’t want to fail.’


V: ‘Does it ever actually happen?’


Rosalie laughs


           R: ‘Maybe that is my biggest fear, to just fail very badly haha.’


V: ‘How can that fear help you? Because it has never happened yet that you failed

big time.’


R: ‘Yeah, I don’t know.. I just want…  yes, uhm.. what a question, this is hard guys,

this is a kind of self –reflection: get to know yourself!’


V: ‘Haha yes it is’


R: This is hard haha, but I think it’s just with some things I really want to give my

best because I either find it important or I enjoy it and because I give my best, I

won’t fail.’


We continue discussing Rosalie’s love for theatre. She is doing her best for school, because

she finds it is important, but she rather be creating or performing something, instead of

reading all day.


R: ‘Yes, I just really enjoy performing on stage and telling a story to the audience,

tell them my story... yeah I don’t know.’


V: ‘And if you have to describe your passion? Would it be something with

entertainment, something that covers it all?’


R: ‘Uhm well, I got more into acting and singing when I got older, first I wasn’t

really that excited about acting, but I started to like it better and better. It’s just

more the total package of just musical I guess, I just really got into that.’


          V: ‘Do you think you want to keep on making musical productions?’


R: ‘I don’t think so, since I need a further education for that once you get older, but I

will always keep on dancing and singing for myself.’


‘But yeah, you know..’


‘Do you want to see my interview with Tovenaar van Oz?’   


Of course I wanted to see the video, it was the first time that I could get an image in

my mind of all that Rosalie has been doing. Cause if you just get a sum up of her experiences

, it is hard to realise what that actually means. I put the video in the interview so you can see

the 13-year-old Rosalie performing her role as Dorothy in Tovenaar van Oz. If you look closely,

you can see her little brother, who is standing behind her, looking proudly at his sister when

Rosalie is singing her solo. (2:53).



Last year, Rosalie again played an ensemble player in the musical ‘Peter Pan’. I think it is

incredible to see the things Rosalie has already done before her 18th birthday, that’s coming

this January. Still she isn’t excited for it, since she doesn’t like birthdays.


R: ‘It is only a sad reminder that another year has past already haha.’


V: ‘Actually you’ve mentioned that before; that you find that time is passing by so fast.’


R: ‘Yes.. I think it’s a waste’


‘Since high school I started to get the feeling of: god, time is passing by so fast!


‘It sounds like I’m super old haha’


‘But since then, I told myself to do something nice everyday, something small or big, as

long as it gives a smile on my face.’


‘Cause sometimes you have those days you only see the sun coming up and setting down

again and you realise: ‘no, this was a boring day, not worth of my time’


I laugh with recognition.


‘So everyday you just have to do something nice, it can be small, like a call with a friend

for example, really anything that gives a smile on your face.’





And with this sentence I would like to end this interview. To me, Rosalie is a busy young

woman who took her chance to explore her passion for dance and entertainment in her younger

days. She has great energy and an attraction to the fun things in life. Currently she has joined the study association Sta!, an association for everyone who is interested in theatre and wants to produce plays. She will be playing in the musical Bare this year, performing her part as a drugsdealer. This will be totally different from what she has done before, but, as she already told us, as long as she loves something, she will do her best and makes sure it will be perfect.













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