Cheers to Fantasea

December 11, 2017

Ahhhh the first off-screen party, the one an off- screener remembers dearly and the one you usually never forget... or so I thought.

With the cold weather, the only thing keeping us warm are the memories of great times, intoxicated nights and good music. So let's warm up and dive into the night of Fantasea!

After all, mornings are made for tea and contemplation...




If I think about it, a lot happened I just didn'’t see any of it.

Huh, how is that possible?

I don’t know... or well... maybe it was the alcohol


Haha, how drunk were you in a scale of 0 tot 5?

I think a 4,5 that is why I lost everybody in such a small venue and why  I was talking to people in a small corner.



So how did the night started for you?

The start of the night begun when I was biking to  Fantasea with some friends. It was very cold outside and there were lots of tourists at Leidseplein. As you may know there are lots of tramrails at Leidseplein and, it has happened to me many times before, but this time Scarlett (you), fell super hard. Before the party even started it was already drama!

When we finally arrived I saw Lukas at the entrance, completely shaking. It turns out that he had also fallen off his bike. He had a lot of pain in his shoulder and I thought he might have broken something. Then I though oh no! We must hurry to a first aid unit but he didn’t want to. In the end Lukas said Fuck i tand we just went dancing. That was truly heroic!


Yeah I thought that was hardcore! and how did the party go down?

During the party I lost everybody, as per usual . At some point I met a german guy and we had a random conversation about life, that was an interesting turn of things. At the end of the night I still couldn’t find anybody, it took me an hour to finally find out where evrybody was! I don’t think any fotos of me were made at the party, I mean, I didn’t even know where I was. That was a bit of my night at Fantasea, it was extremely fun!

Afterwards I tried getting home with you but I believe we got lost in the South, I don’t know for sure.



HAHAHA yeah…... Anyway which three words describe your night at Fantasea the best?

Unforgetful.... but also forgetful (alcohol) and fresh.


hahah, Anouk how hungover were you on a scale of 0 to 5?

Haha its funny beacuse I don’t know for sure anymore, I think a 3, it wasn’t that bad.


Well as  you may know there were lots of dazzling costumes at fantasea, which costume stood out the most?

Oh there were a few people with scales on their cheeks! I don’t know who they were anymore but I thought that looked really cool. They put a lot of effort in their facepaint.


What did you think of the decoration of Fantasea?

Welll I don’t remember a lot anymore but I know that we got glow in the dark bracelets  and that  I was super happy with mine haha.


Alright...So which score would you give the party?


I think  a 3.5 of the 5 because it was a truly fun first off-screen party.


Yay! Great! Is there something else that caught your eye at  Fantasea? Something funny? Something weird?  Tea??

Nah not really, uh… Oh yeah! The only thing that I can still recall is that there were twins who everybody was talking about and they looked so similar; I was truly shook.


hahahah me too!

Any last words about Fantasea?

Guys keep doing what you are doing, the parties are still very fun and a lot of effort is being put into them so.. *smiles*




Hey Lukas! How was your night at Fantasea?

Very Fun! My night started at Renee where we went to for pre-drinks. Everyone was wearing their outfits, I myself was dressed up as the sea,  wearing a mantel, an old curtain with fishes on it.

After drinking, maybe a bit too much, we headed to Fantasea by bike. It was raining heavily but everybody was still very excited and cycling very fast. I didn’t know the way very well so I started to cycle faster and faster so I could catch up with everybody. At a certain point, my wheel bumped against the sidewalk and I landed roughly in front of my steering wheel. I landed badly on my left shoulder and my right knee, I truly thought I had broken something. Kindly, Oscar helped me and kept asking me if I could still cycle. I was in a lot of pain but i thought let’s just go!

Finally at the entranceI notice dthat I couldn’t even tilt my arm. Then I thought I have two options, either I call an ambulance or go to a first aid unit or I just walk inside and ahve a good time. I really didn’t want to miss the party!




Yeah. That is the spirit, right?

Then I just went dancing, that with an arm of course.


With pain and everything?

Yeah I kept saying ow and fuck all night but at least I was dancing ahha


Amazing! Anyway, if you had to describe Fantasea in three words, which words would you choose?

Wet, mobile and wild…and alcohol, or well mobile and wild go together and alcohol comes after hahah,.


Hahha speaking of the devil, how bad was your hangover in a scale of 0 to 5?

A 3… no actually a 2. This is because of the pain in my shoulder which took over. So a tip for everybody: If you don’t want hangover you just have to nearly break something ad then you will suffer from something else!


HAHAHHAA. Okay peeps, you know what to do. for your daily dosis of life advice.  

You know it.



Okay, so back tot he party. Which costume at Fantasea mesmerized you?

I LOVED  Esmeralda and Jip’s costume. They were Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.Truly amazing. Inspiring.


Yass! Truly an original idea!  How did the party go down? What were you up to?

Ah you know, a little bit of tonguing here and there. hahahahah nah just kidding.


Haha how intoxicated were you?

Mwah I think a well rounded 4,5.


Well it was basically your anesthesia so *shrugs* And what did you think of the decoration?

Uhm I just remember that there were neon bracelets and that there were all kind of seabeasts hanging on the walls, dolphines and stuff. Oh and that there were tiny flashinglights that we found and at some point I put in my mouth.


Omg randomly?


Yep. Is it sanitary? No. Is it dangerous? Yeah, because you can swallow it and choke but it was worth it because it looked cool.


Hhaha long live the aesthetics! Is there something else that caught your eye?

Nah I can’t remember much, I was 4,5 on the scale, remember? But I did notice that Ivar had a sharkfin made of tape on his head.


Hahaha was that the highlight of the night?

hahaahahah,*jokingly* well I believe I also saw Spongebob.

Oh i saw him too!


But seriously, what was the highlight of your night?

L: *with a steel face* The gangbang in the toilet.

S: *absolutely shook* WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?

Joking. IT’S A JOKE.

My highlight of the night was when they put Ayo from Chris Brown. Amazing song.


Did you have any partytricks?


Yeah, making people disappear with my mantel. There was also a party it!


 Any last words about Fantasea?

Off-Screen parties, I say let’s go!
















How did you experience the first offscreen party of the year?

It was chaotic as probably all off-screen parties, everyone was wearing their most glittery most fantastic outfit. It was really great to see that everyone had put effort in their outfits I think thats what makes off-screen parties different. Everyone goes all out and I’ve seen the craziest shit. I really liked it .


How did your night begin??

I met with some friends to get some drinks and fix our outfits and afterwards e went straight to Fantasea. I have some friends in the party committee and we wanted to give them full support and afterwards we just went dancing.


What were you wearing?

I was wearing a dolphin hat with a white shirt and a little surprise. During preparations I came up with a pun, you’re dolphine. So I thought I have to do something with this and so I wrote it on my belly. This gave me an opportunity to keep flashing people with this quote.


HAHA amazing, very Creative! Did you have a favorite costume?


There were so many amazing thing. I remember Berbe was wearing a gigantic shell and like  Where did you get that shell from? I believe there was also a Spongebob and a lot of mermaids and pirates and uh there was no costume in particular that I liked because some people had amazing makeup and others amazing outfits so yeah they were all winners really.


How did the party go down?

The venue was really great not too small, not too big, you had all the space you needed to dance but also small corners that were quite intimate. I really liked the vibe and wit hall off screen parties I like that you can pull the craziest dance moves and nobody gives a shit, you can dance as crazy as you like.In the beginning of the night I hanged out with people I didn’t really know and It’s nice that you can just dance crazy with other people.



How would you rate the party on a scale of 0 to 5?

A 4. It doesn’t really have to do with the party but I was too drunk and couldn’t bike so I had to take an Uber home and the next day the township  took my bike so while i was hungover i had to go there and pick it up. But the party was really fun and great and uh I just drank a bit too much. Its a great party to look back on.. the parts I remember. It felt like Fantasea hahah


Haha please keep these taglines coming. So what was the highlight of your night  at Fantasea?

Oh that’s hard. I think entering and seeing all the effort that the party committee put and just the fact that when you entered the venue you felt like you were entering another world, they truly made it feel like a Fantasea.


What did you think of the decoration?

I think there were like squids and stuff I’m not sure anymore, I was more impressed by everyone. The mermaids and the pirates and whatever.


What did you think of the music?

I don’t think I can answer  this question but probably during the night they put Lay all your love on me so I think that is the safest answer.


Did something caught your eye?

I heard that people puked in the end but I was already gone by then so… I don’t know I saw crazy dance moves and usually I’m so busy dancing that I mostly hear what has happened from other people and I’m like wait what? When did that happen?

I truly think the craziest shit was people and their outfits.



Describe Fantasea in three words

Crazy, alcoholic and glittery and Party wait those are more than three words but let’s just put them together and create a new word!


Hahahaha. Well Britt, any last words?

I just want to give props to the social activities committee because they did a fantastic job and thank you to all off-screeners for being their beautiful fishy selves.



Having looked back at Fantasea, we can all agree that Fantasea was a memorable first party with lots of sea creatures, great tunes, crazy dance moves and lots and lots of glitter.

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