When in Prague

December 9, 2017

In the very early morning of the 9th of November, 50 lucky Off-Screen members gathered in front of the Victoria hotel ready to embark on a weekend full of wonders. Armed with coffee, good spirit, and most importantly: beer, the trip was off to a great start. However, traffic gods disagreed, making our 11 hour long trip a 14 hour long one, ending at 11 p.m. at our hostel in Prague.


Many others would have resigned to their beds after such a long day of sitting in a bus, but not us off-screeners. After all, we were promised a pub crawl for our first night and nothing can come between an off-screener and his night full of beer, dancing and straight-up escalation. 

And so it happened. After arriving at the first bar/pub/overly touristic hangout we quickly downed some provided shots whilst pretending not to cry inside (shit was strong). Afterwards we were off to the next pub/bar/(pole) dance club. It is there were escalation came upon us and where once regular students became dance maniacs and pole dancing tigers. We ended the night in yet another bar, which featured 3 floors, so that we could prepare ourselves for Karlovy’s 7 floors on the final night.


Fast-forward to the next day, where we became normal engaged students again and brought a visit to the Barrandov studios. We got a tour around the studios (or, we walked a marathon since the site was huge) and got to see where legendary movies such as Narnia were filmed. In the evening we all gathered for vegan (!) dinner, after which we could confront our newly detoxed and veganized healthy bodies with doses of our new favourite poison: absinth. Absinth in the forms of ice cream and cocktails, accompanied with a pretty darn hard pubquiz (Shoutout to the winners!). Afterwards there was a possibility for all dancing queens and escalation tigers to do their thing in yet another dancing bar.


The last day there was absolutely zero time for our tired feet and poisoned livers to recover since there was a citytour planned, including fun yet embarrassing assignments (‘Yodel for 1 minute straight’, ‘Tell a pick-up line to a stranger’, ‘Call your mom and tell her you love her’). After walking yet another marathon and eagerly doing as many tasks as possible, it was time for a relaxed and quiet last night.. or, maybe a chaos filled, 7 floor strong escalated night out is a better way to describe it. Let’s just say Karlovy will definitely remember off-screen, and only some off-screeners will remember their night at Karlovy.


The next morning was slow and sad. Not only because everyone was hungover and dead inside, but mostly because we were leaving the beautiful city of Prague. After a long bus ride we finally arrived back at our home base Amsterdam and went home to sleep for 5 days.

Praha you will be missed. Thank you for all the good times. Thank you travel committee. And yes, also thank you alcoholic, crazy, wonderful off-screeners, you gave this trip real wonder.







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