8 Tips for First Years

September 14, 2017

Congratulations, and welcome to your new life! From now on, you can say goodbye to useless French classes, faking your father’s handwriting because you did not really visited the dentist during P.E, and teachers who design a ‘strictly enforced seating plan’ wherein they place you on the front, alone. You’re now entering the amazing yet scary place called university, and here are 10 tips to get you on the right track!

1. Don’t go all high-school crazy on your first day

Some people think college is just like High School and stress out before things have even started. Relax! If you didn’t join the Intreeweek, or haven’t talked to anyone from your class yet, even if you don’t know anyone in this country; things will turn out fine. One of the best things about university is that everyone is a little bit older and wiser, so it’s less about what you’re wearing and more about doing your own thing.


 2. Know your shit

Excuses like ‘I didn’t know that was due today’, or ‘I couldn’t find the deadlines anywhere’ are not gonna cut it anymore. The only one held accountable for your assignments and papers is you, so make sure you know what you have to do.


 3. Read smart

The amount of pages you have to read in a week can be a bit overwhelming, but you will notice soon enough that professors don’t expect you to know everything by heart. Try to recognize the main concepts and ideas from your extracts; it will save you a lot of time.


 4. Know where to study

Studying isn’t that terrible when you’re doing it together. At turfdraagsterspad, classroom 0.15 is open for all media students, with computers and a bunch of other people who also try to concentrate (or watch Netflix). When you wanna take a break, you can always swing by ’t Hok for a chat or walk to Assaggio for a sandwich.


 5. Places to meet new friends

University can feel a bit anonymous at times, with so many people and only very few hours that require sitting together in a classroom. A few tips to meet new friends:

- The Borrel, every Monday. Low key and fun.

- Join a committee. Working together on interesting projects will not only teach you a lot, it will also create a strong connection between you and your other members.

- Sign up for a workshop. In the course of the year, various workshops will be offered regarding Media related content. They only cost a few euros and are really enjoyable, so keep an eye on the website.



6. Referencing is a bitch

The following story is a hundred percent true: There was a stupid little homework assignment that said you had to write down what research meant for you personally. I had no time so I copied it from a friend, -who was in a different class- , but to make sure my professor wouldn’t notice, I changed almost every sentence. She found out and sent me a email stating that this sort of behavior could get me excluded from the class, or worse. This story is not an exception, me and my friends all got in trouble sooner or later because of the lovely MLA referencing protocol. Please be sure you know how it works.


 7. Join a trip

There are three reasons why you should join one of the six trips that Off-Screen offers:

A. Traveling together unites people. You like someone so much easier after you’ve shared a dirty room together and helped each other getting up in the morning while you’re both still a bit drunk from the night before.

B. It’s a break from all the hustle. A little time away from all the deadlines, stacks of papers you still have to read and of course the amazing Dutch weather.

C. It’s not your average trip. Off-Screen trips are not the average trips that you have experienced with your parents or other friends. Off-Screen trips are insane and Epic (with a capital E, yes)



8. A little balance never hurt nobody

It is so damn easy to lose control during your college years. Although that’s also the beauty of it, I would recommend some moderation. Go to the Dolly, but not five times in a row. Skip a really early morning college, but make sure to catch up before the seminar. Make sure you stay busy, but plan in some ME-time as well.

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