REVIEW: Auf Einmal

Auf Einmal (2016) - Asli Ӧzgi




Auf Einmal (All of a Sudden) is a movie that narrates a story that might seem predictable but has the ability to surprise you in the end.

The main character Karsten, played by Sebastian Hülk, is a young German man who finds himself in the middle of a quite absurd situation when all of a sudden a woman dies in his house after a party. Every scene seems predictable but the outstanding writer-filmmaker Asli Ӧzgi was somehow able to keep it interesting by adding a few smartly conveyed noir twists. The other characters, which are portrayed by Julia Jentsch and Hanns Zischler, are outstanding in their performance which only improves the quality of the movie. The  actors are the heart of the story, since the storyline is quite dense; it makes the duration of the movie easier to assimilate. The end comes in full circle by giving the viewer a better understanding of the unravelling mystery surrounding the death of the mystery woman, nonetheless there is a feeling throughout the whole film - especially the end - that the writer could have better depicted the character’s personality - particularly Karsten’s. The film was shown in the Panorama section at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival.


Review by Melvin R. Dalati and Scarlett Grados


NOTE: You can also watch this movie in Picl


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