"There is no excitement in partying everyday."

April 30, 2017


They say that your student time is the best time of your life, but it’s not all that perfect, is it? My biggest question is how to stay true to myself and not lose myself in all the parties and adventures. Lately, I’ve become more interested in the human psychology and mostly in my own. With this new interest, I finally found motivation to write another column to share my thoughts. With this column, I hope to challenge people, a lot of whom I think are in the same position of their lives.

                From my point of view the world is a pointless place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and enjoy ourselves. This raises the question for me on how to live life, how to enjoy myself to the fullest, and to mostly be happy with myself. At first I had the goal to be the best athlete in the world. I didn’t succeed and I wasn’t happy. The next stage in my life was one where I drank and partied as much as possible to simply forget time and enjoy myself. I was very happy. In my eyes, though I feel like this part of my life is partly over.

                After a while partying every day is going to look the same. There is no excitement in doing it every day anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t party , oh believe me I still do. However I need other stimuli to feel good about myself. For example, I discovered that my body was craving physical activities, so I took up sports again, and I must admit it’s great to finally feel fit again.

                The most important thing and difference with my earlier period is that I have set goals for the next couple of years. With this path I set out for myself, structure came back to my life. I have something I can work on day after day. In this, I have to admit something that I didn’t want to in past years; having structure and feeling useful makes you happy. Don’t get me wrong, having a 9 to 5-life is the last thing that I want, but being able to have a sort of basis of weekly or monthly activities makes me the most relaxed person I’ve ever been.

                As mentioned, I’m pretty busy with carving my path, also alongside my studies. So to my regret I wasn’t able to write the deeper psychological column I had in mind. Hopefully there’s still something useful you can take out of this. It all might seem a bit idealistic, as I often find myself in a similar frame of life. In my eyes however, this is the most important goal, to find ourselves, in the chaos of life, student life.          

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