REVIEW - 13 Reasons Why

April 30, 2017

"Off-Screen, welcome to your tape"




"Hey it's me, Michael Verdel, live and on the web. Up the brightness of your screen, 'cause this is one review you don't wanna miss. "


If you still haven't watched the latest Netflix-original sensation called 13 Reasons Why I suggest you get your ass to the nearest computer, mobile phone or tablet to log onto Netflix (or create an account if you've been living under a rock) and start bingewatching. This show is everything for those who líve for drama but if you're not into drama abort reading and move on.


I could be like any other reviewer and give you 13 reasons to watch the show, but I refuse to be that girl. I'm going to give you one simple reason: THE DRAMA.

This show is filled with drama, emotion and teenage angst that will keep you shook for days. Trust and believe for I wrote it here right now: All the drama, all the time. So for those of you who like to be in the moment and feel the dramatic aspect of life: I say go binge, you have my stamp of approval!




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