Ava Advice #2

April 3, 2017




Dear Ava,

I don't like my best friend's girlfriend. She is always there, ALWAYS.  She is convinced that she knows my girl better than I do, while we have been together for more than three years. I don't want to come between them, but don't want to break up with my boo either. What should I do Ava? Please help 

Kind Regards, 

Dear Anony, 
That sounds like a problem you need to talk about with your girlfriend.  She can hang out with her friend all she wants when you’re not around, or even some times when you’re there too. But she’ll understand it if you tell her you want some alone time together instead of hanging out with friends all the time. After all, you have to be able to entertain each other if you wanna be in a relationship. I recommend watching the movie You, Me and Dupree (2006, Russo). Having a third wheel is a national problem that needs to be solved, so he’ll get the message after you show him the movie. 

With love, 
Ava Advice

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