Pophates: 5 Reasons why I Hate the Kardashians

February 15, 2017

Khloe, Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Kris, just stop already. You’re famous because you’re famous. Your show is popular because you scold and fake hate eachother, so basically you’re popular because you act like idiots. Or maybe you are idiots. This is my explainer why I can’t stand the Kardashian family. But it’s nothing personal, maybe just the part about Kim.


1. There is no good or real reason why you should have your own show


The reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, that caused the whole Kardashian “mania” started in 2007. What a coincidence, that is the same year that a sextape was leaked which stars Kim K and Ray J. (Funny right? Like they are criminals) Kris Jenner wanted a show because it would “feel natural” for them. So apparently they feel natural[1] when they are making fools of themselves. Just shut up 2007-Kris, why don’t you got a real job?



2. You are such drama queens (so much so that their (step)father turned in to one)

In every episode, article about them, memes about them, or stories in general the drama they make is so emphasized. “O My God, you didn’t just said that.” And then the entire press world goes crazy. Simgm Productions on Youtube spoofed this situation brilliantly with the game the Sims.


3. You’re so desperate for fame, there are other things in life you know

Maybe all the drama is part of this, but it looks like everything the Kardashian family does, is to get more fame. If Kanye West wasn’t such a controversial and famous artist, you really think Kim would have gotten with him?


4. They're proof that you don’t have to work hard to get “accomplished” in life

It is a unwritten rule that if you work hard for your dreams and wishes, you get where you want to be over time. But the entire Kardashian name now stands for goofing off in front of a camera and become rich. There are people that actually look up tot hem and think I want that. Well it’s all fake and probably comes out of a doctor’s office somewhere in the area 90210. The Kendall sisters is another story: they try something at least, they actually work. Do you think the Kardashians know what that means?


5. The name “Kardashian” is just another word for “Money making machine”

Everything they do comes out in dollar bills. All based on the notion that the American people actually think they are real people and want to watch and buy things from them. It’s smart, I admit. But they stand for everything that shouldn’t be something people should aspire to. SNL covered this a couple of years ago, is a must-see!





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