Memelab popdates: celebs edition.

February 5, 2017

Today: Taylor Swift from America’s sweetheart to evil spawn?

By Scar. (my name has been left out in order to protect my identity jk)





Taylor swift born in 1989 has become what we now call ICONIC. The girl has proven herself over the years and the worth of her network countless of times by dropping fire singles (all seven singles of the album 1989 reached number one on the US Billboard hot 100), swimming in Grammys AND having amazing singer songwriter skills that help girls mend their hearts after a breakup (including yours truly).

Nevertheless, Taylor’s worldwide fame has also its downsides. Being the icon she is, fans all over the world follow her every move (she literally can’t shake them off). Its come to a point where her interactions online have even become arguments for conspiracy theories all over the internet, these are 5 of them:



  • These are literally the funniest and most ridiculous theories out there on the web, if you’re a Swiftie don’t be triggered (don’t want any bad blood between us!), but these theories are suspiciously well thought. Can you blame me if I said some add up too well?





1 | When you got problems with her, you can not solve them

On the blogosphere there are many statements of people saying she has way more power than we actually know, and honestly as weird as it may sound it is not crazy at all once you look at the facts.

Taylor has somehow managed to win every single legal battle she’s been in, and with every single one, I literally mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. She mysteriously has the power to make every little thing she sees as a threat to her empire go poof. Some examples are the feud with apple music which she won, the ban of merchandise with her name on etsy made by her fans (wow that leaves a nasty scar tay tay), trademarking simple words and even A YEAR (yeah she literally trademarked 1989 so if you are born in this year I feel for you, its no longer “Yours” anymore), among other outrageous things.





Taylor has also somehow managed to ban all lyric videos of her songs on YouTube and has even had Shane Dawson’s parody taken down.

Another speculation of the power of Taylor is that she controls minds. Apparently she does so already with her lyrics. Ever wondered why you can’t shake them off your mind? Rational explanations say she uses high music technology systems many pop artists use where they repeat phrases and catchy tunes to stick to people’s minds. Nevertheless, the powerful Tay Tay achieved the impossible by getting an apology of Kanye West himself!! We all know Kanye; the man is pride himself. Now that is certainly suspicious...


2 | We knew she was trouble when she walked in

Taylor portrays herself as this sweet innocent underdog who was very awkward at school and was bullied for it.  Now there’s a lot of troubling statements in this sentence alone.


A) People literally still remember her in a night dress staring at the sunset (back at her old school that is and not as an awkward girl at all).

Having an awkward phase and being an outsider is something I’m quite sure many people have experienced. Growing pains are common after all so it wouldn’t be hard imagining she went through the same thing many of us do.





What troubles a lot of her fans though is that many of Taylor’s ex classmates

have come forward saying she was never bullied and that she was on the contrary the popular mean girl, the Regina George of her school. Now those are some very confusing statements giving Taylor uses this “I would not hurt a fly” kind of image to portray her character. That aside, its kind of hard to imagine a girl as beautiful as Taylor ever struggling to be the queen B, I mean she’s always been stunning! Anddd she comes from a wealthy family so from what we hear she had Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen potential to be an IT girl.




Lets not forget as well the MANY MANY MANY celebrities that have said the exact same thing about Taylor being “fake” and have warned us about her not being the sweet innocent girl she says she is...

In the list of celebrities that have spoken against this good girl façade we find Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry AND the most recent one, the Kimye feud which exposed her with #proof. Watch it here



B ) She has never ever really been the underdog (like ever)

We all know the touching story of the beginning of Taylor’s career. How her mom and dad believed in her and supported her so much that her mom made the effort of sacrificing her career to bring Taylor touring along the country so she could make her dreams come true. Until one day she was discovered and was launched to stardom. This all sounds very fairytale-like, which is why fans started questioning the underdog finds fame story. People find it suspicious that her parents were so consistent, investing so much money and time in her... would they really be wasting so much resources if they hadn’t a slight assurance (connections for example) her kid was going to make it BIG TIME?

After doing some digging, it seems that Taylor’s dad actually owns about 3 % of the label she’s still signed to today.  Some even say thanks to her wealthy background her family bought multiple of her records back when she was just starting. This gave the press the idea that her records were doing better than they actually were and by doing so giving her exposure.

Miss Swift definitely has talent but can we really argue she wasn’t just magically discovered thanks to her talent but used other means to make it... I don’t think so.



3 | She never goes out of style (even in Japan?)

There is a rumour of Taylor having an evil twin in Japan, she is a model and was spotted in a Japanese McDonalds commercial. Could it be a... MC CLONE?!!!





4 | She’s a Nightmare dressed as a Daydream

In the dark corners of the web one of the most known Taylor Swift theories is the one in which she is linked to a Satanist called Zeena LaVey. Some say she is her reincarnation or a possible clone, others say she never died and others are pretty sure she is related to her. One thing is for sure... the resemblance is uncanny!


5 | She can make the bad guys good for a weekend (or longer)


Rumor has it Taylor makes her ex boyfriends sign a non disclosure agreement... If you really think about it none of her ex’s have ever come forward even though Taylor literally roasts them in her songs. Of course we could assume they are all gentlemen but she’s dated multiple guys. Isn’t it weird that none of them have ever said anything about her or even mentioned a thing about their relationship? And that anyone who has tried to say something got their tweets removed or were silenced by her PR?





Although there are many conspiracy theories out there that are both, far fetched and logical, some seem to be so accurate that it is impossible to imagine they are all produced by someone’s wildest dreams.... Or are they?

That’s for you to decide ....






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