101 Lorentz

December 19, 2016


For who is a bit depressed or just wants to have the most fun day in the world, I only have one tip: Follow Lorentz for a day. Normally when we go out, we can’t really remember a lot of moments in the clubs or even dinner, but it’s always the flashes that you remember that are greatest. One of the highlight must be the stories Lor tells at these moments.

            One of my favorite stories must be the fact that he once thought he was a cat. His parents just got a new cat and they had to move the fishbowl higher and higher, because the cat was luring at it all the time. But it wasn’t the cat they should have been most afraid of. One time when his mother came home, six year old Lor was sitting on the fridge with the tail of the fish hanging out of his mouth. Before his mother could save the fish, it was all gone into his stomach.

            All this craziness is still seeable in his personality, maybe it went even further. We always come up with the weirdest challenges: Jan could hold a random strangers hand for more than a minute and I succeeded in putting my head in a random strangers back of the knee. Lor took it a step further. First he stopped a women by putting his hand on her shoulder, not that weird yet. He started asking where The Notre Dame was while going lower and lower with his head. It started getting a bit weird, but the woman kept explaining how to get there. Eventually Lorentz’s head touched her shoes. A bit freaked out, the woman said goodbye and started walking away. Only Lor wouldn’t be Lor if he wouldn’t go a bit too far. He slapped her on the ass and said “Lekker Notre Dammetje.”

            Flashback. Nine year old Lor is going to bed, but, as always, he won’t be able to sleep without saying goodnight to his earlobe aka. ‘oorlelletje’. There was a tick growing behind his ear and for him it was like a journal. He’d always tell his stories of the day and say goodnight. But the tick kept growing and growing until his mother found out about it. With tears in his eyes the tick eventually had to be removed by a doctor.

Maybe that’s the reason for Lor his restless nights where he accepts challenges to be slapped by a mirror or simply hands his phone to a stranger in the night. On the other side, I’m still convinced he’s just an alien.

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