10 Things every student relates to : Finals week edition

December 18, 2016

Oh Finals week...the favourite week of every uni student. (Do you feel that prominent sarcasm?).That week where every student literally lives on coffee and 3 hours of sleep a day. That week where you suddenly remember you have 5 essays to write, 3 exams to learn for and not enough time. Is that your alarm? You better get running.


  1. Ignoring and walking away from your responsibilities during the first days















2. Running out of time to treat yourself as an actual human being.





















3. Pulling an all nighter to finish your essays/ study



















4. Looking for the most ridiculous excuses to procrastinate.

Ah yes I totally need to show my friend this luigi vine and then watch it about 5757757 times...


5. Having a meltdown and then feeling 100% ok 3 minutes later












6.  Making coffee your only life source



















7.  Comparing your stress level to other’s to feel less guilty


8. The overwhelming victorious feeling when you finish everything just before the deadline (that is before you feel the mental and physical breakdown that follows after…)
























9. Paying the University Library more visits during that week than in your whole life 

















10. Getting a well deserved rest when finals week is finally over



















And doing some Partying after ofc






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