Flashback Friday: Luke & Lisanne à Lille

December 9, 2016

 "If I could go back now I definitely would." 


Nearly a week after 50 Off-Screeners enjoyed or napped their way through the Lille Opera House, we decided it was time for Luke en Lisanne to recollect some of the most glorious memories of the first foreign trip of the year. Or at least the ones they could still remember after surviving the roaring weekend that Lille has given us. Where else to meet than at café l’Opera, back home, right in the center of Amsterdam.


Lisanne: I must say, the Opera of Lille did offer better places to sleep than the one we’re in right now.

Luke: Well, have you been to that weird closet thing then?

Oh, right, I just lied on the couch there for a while, watching some of us play “music” with some small children, but wasn’t really capable of doing something back then.

I did like the show though, there seemed to be a deeper meaning about working class and afterparties…

Yes, I’m pretty sure they were at an illegal rave at some point, really appropriate for the audience of children that was watching it.

I asked if I could get a cd for my next afterparty, but they didn’t sell any.


Lisanne: Honestly, if I could go back now I definitely would. When we stepped out of the bus in Amsterdam I immediately felt the need to go back partying.

Luke: I actually did, but we were all so tired that I didn’t manage to stay up after 1pm. I was very amazed how fresh everybody was at the Fotoborrel, but I guess we were all still in that Lille vibe, not wanting to admit that it was all over.

Absolutely, when I went out last night I purposely put my stuff in locker #112, because that was our room number. It brought back all the memories: the Ferris wheel, walking 3 meters from the hostel to the restaurant and still thinking it was way too far, eating mealworms…

You know, we actually wanted to let everybody eat grasshoppers at first, but since they are like this big (picture, ed.) we decided not to.

Well, Tom Brok made us eat baby food, so I think I’ve had enough.


Luke: The thing I like about a trip like this is that, when you all gather in the morning, you hear all this different stories and it’s like everybody holds a piece -well, some hold more than one piece, yes you, Lorentz- of one big crazy Off-Screen puzzle. Then I found out that me ending up in a French frat house isn’t even the craziest thing that’s happened the night before.

Lisanne: Yeah, I think I can definitely top that with my story of almost peeing on a hobo…


Well, the story gets even better than that. I didn’t see the guy and was accidentally leaning over him when, naturally, that woke him up. At that point I ran away, but he followed me, which scared the hell out of me. Eventually he caught up with me. Turns out, I dropped my phone on him as I was bending over and he chased me to return it.

Massive karma points for that guy! At least you still have your phone now.


Haha, from what I’ve heard, Lorentz just gave his phone away to someone on the street.

Oh man, the clubbing hit us all hard.

Yes, it already started the first night when we we were at…Network was it?

I must confess, I have no idea.

Well, that night I somehow ended with some French guys in their frat house.

I do remember stealing a 5 liter vodka bottle off the bar that night and then going into a quiet corner to drink out of it.

5 liter?!

Yes…Later I was told that there was water in it, but I didn’t notice at the time.

Despite there being a black Elvis kinda guy singing on Thursday, I think I liked Friday and Saturday’s club better.

I have to admit that it took me quite a while before I figured out that Saturday’s club was the same as the night before’s…

Haha, you being the responsible committee member.

Well, I actually was very responsible during the day time. I’m really proud of what we, as a committee, have put together.

I agree, it was very well organised. And I enjoyed every minute that I can still remember.

I’ll have to make a big shout out to Rutger for that.

Love you, Rutger! Oh, and not to forget, loved the city tour. Team Auto!

You cheated.

We didn’t.

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