’T Heerlijk avondje is gekomen!

December 2, 2016

Pepernoten Martini


To spice up your Sinterklaasavond, here is a special cocktail that includes our nation’s finest treat: pepernoten. This pepernoten martini is absolutely delicious and easy to make, so find out which ingredients you need to put on your wish list, don’t forget to give de pieten a sip and your grown-up pakjesavond will be the tastiest celebration of your month!


















Licor 43                     30 cl
Milk                            80 cl
Condensed milk      30 cl
pepernoten             4 per glass


Serve this martini with some pepernoten on the side.


The taste-panel.

‘This is tiramisu in one cup.’
‘It’s the taste of christmas, but from the point of view of a drunk aunt.’
‘It’s like baileys.’
‘It’s Sinterklaas for adults. Very lovely.’

'Like a drunk angel is peeing on your tongue.'

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