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Taking a job just for the money or do what you love? The pursuit to find the perfect career that fulfills all your desires can be confusing. What if you can't find your passion or can't agree upon a 4 hour work week? Whether you’re a graduate or starting your 10th job, the feeling of ‘Is this it?’ haunts us. Learn to make better choices that suit you to prevent life becoming a sh*t show!

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Wing Yan Man (founder of 3310): “Why is there no school for grownups? Being 30, it doesn't feel like I have figured out how life works. There is so much I want to learn and should have learned to make my life easier. As a Millennial, I believe our skill set to survive differs from other generations. You don't have to teach us how to use a smartphone, but we do want to learn how to keep a healthy work-life balance. Being burnt out from my corporate job, the no. 1 millennial disease, I bumped into lots of these great lost-in-life dilemmas. But I didn't know where to go for help. Basically, I have learnt the hard way on how to pick yourself up again, how not to live by approval from others and how to be kinder to myself. Also on how to find my purpose and make full use my talents. With 3310, I aspire to help fellow Millennials with my experience to make our lives easier for ourselves.”

Shape your future with design thinking
In this workshop you will experience a constructive and creative way to tackle the challenge of discovering what you want. 
We'll approach this lifelong question with a structured framework to help you create new ideas and design your next step in - study and - vocational wayfinding.
After this workshop:
- You’ve experienced five steps of the design thinking framework
- You’ll know how to define a personal design challenge
- You’re able to create new ideas and prototypes
- You’re able to take your next step in the process of designing your future

This workshop has been set up specifically for the UvA Career Day 2019.


Are you creative and curious how to expand your knowledge, and do you want to improve the world? Do you like to learn and solve complex problems in an international context? Then you should participate in the UvA Innovation Workshop on Design thinking! The two winning teams get a fully paid trip to the International Innovation Bootcamp (20-24 April) in Lublin, Poland.

In the workshop you will work in a team of students on the challenge of how to combine science, art and humanities to improve UvA education. You will use the innovation approach called Design thinking.

Find more info on the UvA Innovation Workshop here!
Date: Tuesday 10th of December 2019, 13.00-17.00 (pizza afterwards!)

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Would you like to share your experiences and tips on moving to and living in the Netherlands, or would you be keen to gain more information on moving and studying abroad? The Exchange Ambassadors at UvA are looking to work together with students to help each other and offer answers to many different questions regarding studying abroad.


As students who have either just come back from their studies abroad, and international students who are currently studying at UvA, we want to provide prospective students answers to various questions they have regarding studying abroad. We believe that it is important to share experiences to help others prepare for going abroad and improve the process. Would you like to share experiences or advice on studying in the Netherlands, how to adjust to life here? Or would you like to do so about your home country, town or university? Did you have any expectations on how the Netherlands or Amsterdam would be, and were these accurate or completely different? Do you have any tips on feelings regarding feeling left out or fitting in? Is there anything you wished you knew before going abroad, that you think would be worthwhile sharing with others?

Tips on how to adjust when returning back home from being abroad are also more than welcome. We are interested in both incoming and outcoming students, and these issues can be social, cultural, or academical.


If you would like to share your experiences, or have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via the Global Student Experience of University of Amsterdams' Facebook Page, on

We have recently started a new project, called 'People of UvA'. Stories of both incoming and outcoming students of/to the UvA during their exchange are shared here. Our first new post about this can be found here:

Feel free to share this project if you are or know a person who is or went on an exchange and reach out to us!


(Dutch Only)



Junior Campus is looking for students who enjoy working with primary school children in addition to their studies. Junior Campus is the provider of Science & Technology lessons for primary school students. In the lessons much attention is paid to research and design skills. We are looking for students who have an inquisitive attitude and who like to explore and work with students to come up with solutions. Experience in education is not necessary, but interest and an inquisitive attitude are all the more important.

More information can be found on our website:

This coordinator will be handling all the study associations of the UvA and is responsible for the communication between them and the UvA through organising meetings with the study associations, trainings and other activities. Also the coordinator study associations WO you will, together with the Board of ASVA, visit some of the Constitution Borrels. 

As a coordinator WO you work 8 hours per week. Sometimes you have to be at the office (CREA), but you can also do a lot of work from home. As a coordinator of ASVA you earn €12 per hour. It is not necessary for this function to have any Board- or work experience, but it is nice if you know a few of the study associations. 

For more information and instructions for applying you can have a look at If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact

On the website you can see that there is a deadline for applying before the 4th of September, however this deadline is cancelled. 


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