Rialto For Short; your movie on the big screen, 18 February, edition 2, season 2019/2020.


Rialto embraces innovation and therefore wants to offer new, not yet discovered talent a chance to present their films. Are you such a talent, do you make films, video clips, commercials, or similar? And would you like to see your own film on the big screen? Submit your work to Rialto For Short, a programme that enables beginners, film amateurs and film students to show their work to an audience as well as to film professionals. So what are you waiting for? And… action!

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Sign up deadline: 21st of January

(Dutch Only)


The first lecture is on Monday the 13th of January and is given by Hans Laroes, former editor of NOS Journaal. From 8 p.m. to 9 p.m he will talk more about media objectivity. Afterwards there is the possibility to ask questions and to have a drink. For that reason a reservation is necessary and we ask a small price of five euros per person. This therefore includes coffee and tea, plus a borrel. The course is at ProDemos, Hofweg 1 in The Hague.  


In the second lecture Nel Ruigrok tells us more about the power of media. Are media helpful or a hindrance in our parliamentary democracy? This lecture will also be from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and costs five euros per person. The location is ProDemos, Hofwel 1 in The Hague.  


College three is about opinions and facts. Sanne Kruikemeier explains how we protect the society against fake news. This lecture is also from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and costs five euros per person. In contrast to the other two colleges, this lecture will be at Sound and Vision The Hague, Zeestraat 82, The Hague.  


ProDemos therefore cordially invites you to attend the lectures. Going to one of the evenings is also possible, the lectures are separate from each other. More information and a registration link can be found on

Hopefully we will see you soon at one of our lectures!

Would you like to share your experiences and tips on moving to and living in the Netherlands, or would you be keen to gain more information on moving and studying abroad? The Exchange Ambassadors at UvA are looking to work together with students to help each other and offer answers to many different questions regarding studying abroad.


As students who have either just come back from their studies abroad, and international students who are currently studying at UvA, we want to provide prospective students answers to various questions they have regarding studying abroad. We believe that it is important to share experiences to help others prepare for going abroad and improve the process. Would you like to share experiences or advice on studying in the Netherlands, how to adjust to life here? Or would you like to do so about your home country, town or university? Did you have any expectations on how the Netherlands or Amsterdam would be, and were these accurate or completely different? Do you have any tips on feelings regarding feeling left out or fitting in? Is there anything you wished you knew before going abroad, that you think would be worthwhile sharing with others?

Tips on how to adjust when returning back home from being abroad are also more than welcome. We are interested in both incoming and outcoming students, and these issues can be social, cultural, or academical.


If you would like to share your experiences, or have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via the Global Student Experience of University of Amsterdams' Facebook Page, on

We have recently started a new project, called 'People of UvA'. Stories of both incoming and outcoming students of/to the UvA during their exchange are shared here. Our first new post about this can be found here:

Feel free to share this project if you are or know a person who is or went on an exchange and reach out to us!


(Dutch Only)



Junior Campus is looking for students who enjoy working with primary school children in addition to their studies. Junior Campus is the provider of Science & Technology lessons for primary school students. In the lessons much attention is paid to research and design skills. We are looking for students who have an inquisitive attitude and who like to explore and work with students to come up with solutions. Experience in education is not necessary, but interest and an inquisitive attitude are all the more important.

More information can be found on our website:

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